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Sunday, March 2, 2008

emiliano to the max

i'm kind of a day late on posting, as yesterday was one of the busier days i've had in a while. it started out by me and maggot going back down to the jail in spanish fork to be fingerprinted etc. i only had to wait like 10 minutes. i was the only person there, probably because criminal don't wake up as early as me. i got the pat down and then i got the photo (turn to your right) then i did the finger prints. utah county has a fancy digital fingerprinter thing. you just put your fingers and thumbs on the screen and they scan it. pretty cool. after that was all over with i had to go drop the paperwork off at the 4th district court in orem. they weren't open so i had to put it in their drop box. and before you drop it in, you have to do the time date stamp. boy, was that a pain in my ass. the time stamp slot was like not even an 1/8th inch thick. so i had to like get down on my knees and jimmy the damn thing in and then it didn't do anything. so i took it out and put it back in thinking that by shoving it in and out i would like trigger the stamp. turns out thats not how it works. you have to leave it in till the next automatic stamp. hopefully after all that hard work they get it. after we did that we got some smiths fresh values gas and then went to maggots for breakfast. it was maggots birthday yesterday (march 1) and so cassie made the german pancakes but instead of watching cartoons i was forced to watch the worst television show ever produced: shelley duvalls fairy tale theater. what the hell. who let this happen? like there was some point in time where someone actually said, "oh, hey, this one is a winner. really good stuff you guys". not to mention shelley duvall is ugly as sin (bless her heart), she looks like a beaver had its way with a skeleton. like the premise of the show is to find hollywood actors in need of a check and completely debase and under use their talents. for some reason maggot and cassie love it. like, genuinely. its times like these i question their taste. maggots addiction to bollywood is another. after suffering through two of these episodes maggot and i decided to go take some photos. we drove around til we found a dump and took lots of pictures of trash. it was a good time and then when dustbowl 2008 hit provo we left. we were getting kinda hungry too.
DISCLAIMER:ok. i must warn you. the next few sentences will change your life.
maggot and i, after some amount of discussion, decided to go to joe vera's fiestaurant for her birthday lunch. i'm not the biggest fan of that place, but it was maggots birthday so we went. after perusing the menu for a while, i found the american food section. don't get me wrong, i really dig me some mexican food (las tarascas) but joe veras wasn't really my fav. until now. i ordered the zapata burger. people of earth, heed my words: the zapata burger at joe veras fiestaurant is one of, if not the tastiest burgers i have ever had the privilege to consume. sweet jesus i was in heaven. like every bite was better than the last. and even after i was done it kept tasting better. the only 2 burgers who are near in comparison are 1).shirley's cheeseburger at the lamplighter in memphis and 2).the one the old lady at jacks rib shack in memphis used to make before she quit. i have a feeling this cheeseburger will be a very common item on my dinner palate. maybe even lunch and breakfast too. and just like emiliano zapata is one of mexicos greatest heroes, this burger is one of mine. after engorging ourselves with too much food again, we went back to maggots and kinda just fell asleep. after a good 2 hour nap we woke up and went back over to my house for the party/show. we told everyone to be there at like 7:30. and of course no one really showed up til 8. perfect. karl and kahea's band played first. it was dancy and had beats mixed with metal and it was all done by laptop. it was pretty fun. next came ccqb. they pulled off a pretty good set too. i think this was like their 3rd or 4th show and they're getting tighter. everyone was into it. after they finished we (the split reactions) played. i thought we did great but maggot and rob thought we sucked. whatever. i had fun and the people in the crowd appeared to have fun so its cool with me. we're playing on friday with cass railroad or something, then again saturday in salt lake with agape and the kidneys at red light books (300s 200e) if anyone is interested. then the alligators played. those guys have gotten so good in the last few months, like they have a real handle on their sound. and this show was so much fun because of it. all the bands that played were great and the crowd was great and everyone stayed (which is like the first time thats ever happened i think). after the show maggot destroyed the pinata cassie and dave got. and a few people scrambled to grab the candy, but mostly its still sitting on the ground outside my house. next to the big pile of trash no one seems to want to move. at that point most everyone left and we all hung out till the only people left were me maggot lex and austin. after chatting and goofing off for about an hour we decided to get some pizzas and watch the venture brothers. it was at that point i fell asleep. viva zapata(burger).

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Jasie said...

I really need to start making note of all the restaurants in Provo that I have NEVER HEARD OF that you seem to frequent...