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Sunday, March 23, 2008

double right handed

so i rolled out of bed at around 11:00 today and did nothing til about 1:30. then i did some math homework then i went ona walk, then i ate the rest of a bag of salt and pepper kettle chips. then me and lex and dave and rob played black jack and pokers for about and hour or so then maggot came over. we went to the mall and hung out for a bit then she dropped me off and i went to vegor and errins for vegor mania 32. we watched vegors 5 disc collection of wrestle mania for his 32nd birthday. and ate costco pizza. i was skeptical about the costco pizza because i'd had it in the past and the pizza was kinda sauceless. this time at vegor mania, however, it was pretty saucy. i dug it. we also drank mtn dew. the beer drinkers had pabst and some homebrew bob brought. alex caldiero was there and was totally getting into and we told him we were going to make him a luchadora mask with a hole for his beard. he thought it was a winning idea. i think the mask should have a white background with green explosions around the eyes and red flames coming from the mouth, thus incorporating all the colors of the italian flag. imma get to work on it asap. after the main even with hulk hogan and mr. t. and mr. wonderful and rowdy roddy piper ( with the hulkster prevailing, of course) everyone left and i went to maggots house and we played friday the 13th on nintendo then watched trent harris' plan 10 from outer space.

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