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Monday, March 3, 2008

eat right in

no breakfast. i had to drop off my rent check to the worst property management company in provo. aspen ridge. if you decide to move to a new place, make damn sure they don't manage the property. i've never encountered as much ineptitude in the 4 weeks they've managed my apartment. lost y rent check, lost our contracts, harassed me for a week about someone else's rent. i can't wait to see what happens this month. after math (i stayed this time) i decided to bail on the brit lit class. i figured i spent enough time researching the great plague that i could afford a few days off from that torture. so i went to the computer lab, started in on some math homework and did that for about an hour then got hungry and heated up the leftover chicken broccoli pesto i made last night. man, that is some rich food. that meal stayed with me most of the day. after the dada class i was walking with some of the newspaper kids and we were talking about maybe making this blog part of like a food column. i'm down with that. i wonder if UVSC is down. get ready. so i went to work and did more math and was generally bored then caught the bus home. maggot picked me up and we went to her house to hang out and make dinner etc. one of my favorite things to do is find whatever food maggot has laying aroud and make some totally tasty out of it. today we made like a broccoli rice velveeta cream of mushroom casserole with grilled chicken breasts. it wasn't bad. i forgot about the chicken and burned it a bit and it ried out as a result. the casserole part was the best. i threw in some rosemary and some greek seasoning and S&P and covered it ad threw it in the over for a while. while we waited i posted some pictures of the show on facebook and maggot played jaws. after we ate we sat around and now we're having a laptop party and are generally being boring. i doubt i'll eat again today. see you tomorrow.


Grabloid said...

velveeta...good god

deadcityrebel said...

suck it grabloid

Anonymous said...

FOR realz grabloid.
and this made me ALSO think of Cheez Whiz. YES>