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Monday, March 31, 2008

the legend of maggot

so it snowed yesterday and i felt that jesus didn't want me to drive in the snow so i didn't go to church. instead i watched back to the future part 3. then i went to maggots and had a giant bowl of frosted mini big bites. very tasty. maggot had made a freschetta pizza and i kept alternating bites of frosted mini and combo pizza. it made for a few less than delectable burps. i don't recommend it. for some reason all i wanted to do yesterday was eat. i mean i like to eat every day, but something about sundays makes me eat tons of unnecessary food. like a big bowl of the very last of the jambalaya, and a few rolls that cassie made, and a giant bowl of sage sausage and tortellini with marinara. the tortellini really was the kicker. i really should have saved some for lunch. maggot was playing legend of zelda all day so i was kinda bored, and i guess when i'm left to my own devices i just eat. oh well.

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