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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


so i'm finally back on a regular eating routine again. well, more regular than 6 mexican cokes a day and monte cristo sandwiches at crappy casinos. i had a bran muffin this morning and a naked juice for breakfast, then for lunch i had a semi healthy roast beef sandwich at the humanities luncheon (plus some veggies with ranch dressing, and one chocolate chip cookie). oh and they had some lemonade there that i was digging. after class and work i got home and decided to clean a bit since we're having a show at the house tomorrow and it was kinda smelly in the house. that was good to do. i listened to that new(ish) television double lp while i was cleaning. tom verlaine really likes his guitar. i can't take the extended live solos. but whatever, i got the house cleaned up some and went to meet randall and alicia because we were going to go to that really crappy mexi-fashion store called genx. i needed some cheap plain t-shirts to make my animal encounters shirts. that place is a virtual whats what of the clothes no one should wear, but do, and do it willingly and proudly. i don't get it. i saw a suit with leather on it. on the shoulders. dyed green. we left there and went next door to macy's because randall wanted to get a kong cone. he had to harass the deli counter skanks to make it to is liking: like a foot tall, 1/3 in a cup 1/3 free standing and 1/3 in a cone. all held together by deli counter skank love. that sounds dirtier than it should. all the while i was waiting for one of the skanks to figure out how to thinly slice peppered turkey and corned beef. its amazing how easy technology is when you understand the tools you're given. set the slicer at the lowest setting, and thats thinly sliced. 1/4 inch is not thinly sliced. opacity is an indicator of thinly sliced meat. finally we got out of there and i went to maggots to start working on the shirts. randall couldn't finish the kong cone so he gave me the cup and alicia the cone. somehow he managed to eat the middle out. after i finished with the shirts i made another turben. i had the heels of the bread left. i thought it was going to ruin the sandwich, but it didn't. it actually made a really good crusty crust. soaked in butter. with my belly full of turben and mexican coke i was reay to surf then net til i was too bored to think.

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