me and the food around me. i like to eat, so listen up.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i'll be your pastor

just kidding, you really don't want that, but, you should go to chungas and eat their al pastor. perfect mix of salty sweet and hot. like al pastor should be. they're on freedom blvd in brovo next to the 5 buck pizza where swagat used to be. i'm really glad swagat went out of business for two reasons.
1). they sucked at making indian food.
2). so chungas could open and make me the best al pastor i've had in a long itme.
i also got some fried bananas with sweetened condensed milk that is gonna put me in a coma here pretty soon.
newlin got something that resembled a torta but wasn't, but was really really tasty. i;'m gonna get one the next time i go in, which will be very soon.
also the folks working were nice beyond comparison. they need your business, so go give it to them. don't let another really good mom n pop place go under just because it isn't a chain.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the good thing about a sick day

you can usually con someone into bringing you soup. cassie brought me some chicken/carrot/pea/dumpling/celery coup. mighty tasty. i' gonna have another bowl soon. also i got the forbidden tigers lp and demons claws first lp in the mail. ripping into that right now.

Monday, March 23, 2009

my body and its strange ways

so i'm sleeping soundly and dreaming a nyquil induced bliss dream last ninght when all the sudden i look out of the window and i see a giant nuclear bomb drop and theres a huge explosion, and i think to myself, oh man, thats a really big bomb. so i try to go back to sleep, but then i see three more gigantic nuclear bombs dropping and i say to myself, hey, it might be a good idea for you to get out of bed and get the hell out of here. then i really wake up and wonder to myself why i was having dreams of a nuclear holocaust and i suddenly realize i'm about to piss all over myself.
point: i hate getting out of bed to go pee.
moral: don't force your body to scare the shit out of you with dreams of nyquil induced nuclear holocaust before you'll heed your body's natural functions. and don't drink so much water before bed.
and if there is ever a nuclear holocaust, don't take time to pack up your records. that was in my dreams too...

Friday, March 20, 2009

i don't know what it means to be hungry lately

i'm copying corrine when i say this. i've been eating so much food that my body hasn't been able to keep up. i need to take a break, but it seems i've always got somewhere to go and theres usually food and i can't resist eating. last night erin and bryan and me decided on the spur of the moment to go try that BBQ place that just opened in lindon. i'm not saying anything about it just yet because i'm gonna do a formal write up on it. after that i went to the DH and there was bowls of pretzels. couldn't not eat them. then of course, i had to have betos at 2 am. this morning i went with marnie on a little walk with ned and i got some gelato (roasted almond) and then i had a slice of pizza that dave left from little caesars. this has all been within less than 24 hours. the hell.

Monday, March 16, 2009

preventative maintenance

wanna avoid a hangover? eat a betos steak and potatoes and eggs breakfast burrito at 2:00 am.

Friday, March 13, 2009


so last night, me, jut, johnny k, and sev had a poker nite with a $5 buy in. ton of fun. we got some pizzas from nicolitalia. i got tired after about 45 hands and went all in with a pair of 3's on texas hold 'em. totally lost my $5. i ended up staying up til about 2:30. i should be tired, but i'm not. wierd.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

osaka nosucky

so me and grabs and cassie s went to osaka last night after watching inauguration of the pleasure dome and simon of the desert at beat nite, both films together kicked more ass than i've seen and thought about in a while. grabz and me debated the necessity of rhetoric and hated on lame ass "philosophers" we don't like. cassie shook her head at us most of the time. so, i got some sort of fried pork and curry dish that ruled. the curry warn't too hot and it had some sweetness in it. i totally dug it. their miso salad was tasty too. i kinda like that place because its dark and was mostly empty aside from two dudes who were wanking on all the pop culture/avant-garde words they knew. that was pretty annoying. all their dilemmas and questions were answered by benjamin years ago. why can't anyone read around here?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ho-made bread

c. made some bread yesterday and left a loaf in the van. i swiped it and made a sandwich at midnight. peppered turkey and corned beef and provolone with grey poupon. i polished it off with a few episodes of battlestar galactica. good midnight snack.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

i changed the name of my band

we used to be called split reactions. now we're called The broken spells. i did this while eating some delicious tamales and pupusas from the salvadoran. we had some big lineup changes and are sounding a lil different lately. we thought it made sense. we'll put up some new songs soon.

the hot dog king is a queen

i'm sorry, i can't get behind that place anymore. like the food is ok but way overpriced and you gotta wait over 10 minutes for a damn hot dog. like i dig local businesses, but give me a break. i went tonight for brittni b's b-day party and it was cool to kick it with peeps i know. too bad that guy can't have better service. if the food was super good i wouldn't mind the wait or the price, but it isn't. sadly, ikea and 7-11 still get my hot-dog business.

Friday, March 6, 2009


kinda like a sit in, but at village inn. we held court last night after the burnt reynolds show at kilby. kind of a wierd show, burnt went on first, and i think our brand of dip-shit-core was confusing to all the xpunkHCpunkx that were there for the other bands. we did win a few heads tho, couple of folks took tapes and dropped them in the parking lot. so after the show we tried to find dee's, but google kept failing and we settled for villiage inn. someone spotted a new menu item called the chicken and biscuit. i had to try it. because it came with gravy. so we all got our food and when mine came i was sure how i was supposed to eat it. it was like 2 lil chicken sandwiches on biscuits and a bowl of gravy. do i dip the sandwiches in gravy? i mean i like the idea of gravy as a dipping sauce but it was wierd tasting, so i gave up and dumped the gravy on the biscuits. it was marginally better. i kept trying to drink enough water to keep up with how dry the chicken was too. the plastic carafe gave out after about 5 minutes so i started drinking other people's water. i don't think i've ever had chicken that dry. or biscuits that hard. and gravy that flavorless. jesse's french toast looked good though.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

lasagna of the masters

had this last night. no idea if it exists outside of cassie. pretty friggin good lasagna. totally veggie too.

Monday, March 2, 2009

wendell berry

is doing a reading this thrusday in salt lake at the masonic temple. dude loves to talk about food. he's got a reception at ken sanders from like 5-6 as well. if you dig food and are in salt lake that night go check him out.

burger shots

so apparently the fine folks at burger king think we're all dummies. THE BURGER SHOTS ARE NOTHING NEW. when i was in 7th grade they were called burger buddies. you had to tear them apart so it was kinda like how cinnamon rolls were, you know, you pull them apart, or like jut's monkey bread, they're connected so you pull them apart. i haven't had the burger shots yet so i don't know if they are the same, but the old burger buddies you had to pull them apart. if they aren't in the pull apart style i guess its fine if they call is something else, but if you do have to pull them apart, then THEY NEED TO BE CALLED BURGER BUDDIES. please burger king, don't be stupid. because we, your loyal customers, are not.