me and the food around me. i like to eat, so listen up.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

grocery shopping

more often than not, i do not buy groceries. bad habit. at the time of my last paycheck, however, i decided i needed to be a bit more frugal with my $$ because i got too many things to pay for and not enough $$ to pay it with and i realized i spend all my $$ on foodz and recordz. so me and newlin went grocery shopping and i bought all kindsa great stuff:
frozed pizzas
loaf of bread
bell peppers
b-fast sausage
cans of beans
cans of tomatoes
and more stuff
the idea was to be a little more domestic. i figured since i'm not in school this semester i can afford to waste time cooking all day. and listening to records. (i'm pretty proud of myself, i've only purchased one record since i've gotten paid: scat rag boosters st/lp)

since that shopping trip i've made:
brazillian fish stew
turnip greens/white beans/cornbread
a few sandwiches
handfulls of chips
ned drool

i kinda like doing this for a few reasons:
dishes are in heavier rotation
dishes get cleaned with more frequency
i'm saving a shit ton of dough

it doesn't mean i haven't gone out and bought food. erin is still my food partner in crime and so we still go grab stuff from time to time:
chungas torta
mahi mahi at mcgraths (splurge)

even still, i think i'm saving money.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

singapore noodles

so, i was at rice king the other night with jesse and charley, after neighborhood zero practice, and charley ordered a dish called Singapore noodles, which she, apparently, always orders. i had never even seen it on the menu. she let me try them. i was hooked. imagine a sweeter type of curry (i think i tasted some egg and some cinnamon...). and the noodles are about the size of angelhair pasta. shredded snow peas, chicken, shrimp, maybe some beef? carrots? i can't remember everything that was in it, but i love it now. it isn't too heavy like a lot of their other stuff, but still pretty filling. i totally recommend this. it gets my fat ass seal of approval. just kidding, i don't have a fat ass. or do i...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

cassie s has a blog

she likes to cook. yup. 'nother food blog.

got the munchies last night

here's what i had:
7-11 hotdog.
bag of cheetos.
corned beef sandwich.

i slept pretty good.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


because i'm poor, i have no qualms about accepting charity. case in point, cassie said she found some turnip greens at the sunflower market in orem, and if you really know me, you also know i love turnip greens with just about everything i got. to me, there isn't much better than some greens with northern white beans and cornbread (yes, i use jiffy, fuck you). so i asked her if she wanted me to show her how to cook them right ( she was gonna saute them with butter or something. i know. heresy) and she said that she had plans that night but i could have them. and of course i accepted her generously charitable offer. she also let me use her stockpot.

here's some of the problems i encountered as i was cooking this shit up:
1. i didn't have an egg for the cornbread mix.
2. there ain't a damn ham hock in a 200 mile radius of my house. well, least none i know about.

here's how i solved said problems:
1. i talked april b. into letting me have one of her eggs (like chicken eggs, yall, not her personal ovary stash) with the promise of eating with me (who can actually resist my cooking? no one).
2. we found some pork neckbones at smiths. for like a dollar.

even though it wasn't fatback or a jowl or a ham hock it seemed to do the trick. i can't believe they don't sell salt pork around here. well, i take it back. i do believe it. buncha crackers runnin shit. (health food is dumb BTW, tho, the irony is, you can really only find greens at health food stores. wtf. i really miss "easy way produce". god bless you, barry carter).
so we got back and i already had the greens going, yes, without the neckbones in, and the house was starting to smell good. poor ned was going out of his mind. the trick with turnip greens, and i can't remember who i learned it from, possibly my great-grandmother, is to soak the greens in super cold water with a buncha sugar dumped in over the greens. not sure why this works, but it definitely makes them way less bitter. but not sweet. after they soak for a good hour or so you toss them in the pot, i always throw a bit more sugar on when i throw them in. now, if anyone in my family reads this next part i'm probably gonna get in some trouble, but, i like to dump a whole bunch of onion powder, garlic powder, salt, some butter, a tiny bit of black and crushed red pepper, and some celery flakes into the pot with the greens. i was kinda bummed because all i had was turnip greens and no curly mustards. thats always a good mix, also i didn't have any turnip to throw in, but hey, i'm not picky, this shit was free. this whole time april b was hanging out but had forgotten about some plans she had made, so she had to bail, good news for me, i get all them greens. once the greens had boiled down i started making the other stuff, open a can of white beans and make the cornbread. heat them beans up with a little water, salt and onion powder (can you tell i'm addicted?) and bring it to a slow boil. i'm not talking about the cornbread because its a box mix. you don't need me for that. but i do squirt in a good amount of honey in. after all this stuff was done i sat to eat. and filled myself up. twice. i wish i had more because it rules.
from my understanding of southern culinary traditions, this meal would constitute as "soul food". i'm not quite sure how to explain that concept to you, dear reader, except that if you don't like food like this, i probably don't like you.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

the poor man's h-is-for-hungry: FOOD FEED

just kidding, i'm shit ass broke right now, so i think i'm the poor man's food feed. its meg (not wiemer) and jared (not soper) doing a similar thing to what i like to do, but they have a little ratings system and they like presentation and ambience and stuff like that.
if i ever stop doing this i guess they can have my spot in your heart.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the night before payday

and all i had was a head of newlins cabbage, one of newlins potatoes, and some fresh bratwurst cassie s brought me. i decided to cook it all up. i cut up about half the cabbage and started boiling it with a bunch of salt/pepper/onionpowder/garlic/celery flakes threw in the potatoes also put a sprinkle of some crappy cajun seasoning. not a fan of that shit anymore. i let this stuff boil down for a while. as it was boiling i listened to the tards blood visions lp. still one of my favs. anywho, i cut up the bratwurst and basically made bratwurst meatballs and threw them in withthe cabbage and potatoes. kind of a tasty broth i had going. i accidentally put too much pepper in, but cabbage is pretty sweet so it wasn't too bad. when everything was cooked down i squeezed a buncha mustard on top of everything. very tasty. i'm kinda tempted to figure out a way to make like a cabbage mustard soup with bratwurst balls. i think i would have to shred the cabbage and have more broth than solid items. i think any way i did it would taste pretty good. those ingredients are kinda hard to screw up. super simple, super tasty. who knows, it may end up in someones little diner or donut shop sometime.