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Sunday, September 27, 2009

grocery shopping

more often than not, i do not buy groceries. bad habit. at the time of my last paycheck, however, i decided i needed to be a bit more frugal with my $$ because i got too many things to pay for and not enough $$ to pay it with and i realized i spend all my $$ on foodz and recordz. so me and newlin went grocery shopping and i bought all kindsa great stuff:
frozed pizzas
loaf of bread
bell peppers
b-fast sausage
cans of beans
cans of tomatoes
and more stuff
the idea was to be a little more domestic. i figured since i'm not in school this semester i can afford to waste time cooking all day. and listening to records. (i'm pretty proud of myself, i've only purchased one record since i've gotten paid: scat rag boosters st/lp)

since that shopping trip i've made:
brazillian fish stew
turnip greens/white beans/cornbread
a few sandwiches
handfulls of chips
ned drool

i kinda like doing this for a few reasons:
dishes are in heavier rotation
dishes get cleaned with more frequency
i'm saving a shit ton of dough

it doesn't mean i haven't gone out and bought food. erin is still my food partner in crime and so we still go grab stuff from time to time:
chungas torta
mahi mahi at mcgraths (splurge)

even still, i think i'm saving money.


cassie said...

unless you're like me, and you like grocery shopping too much, and literally ALL of your money is spent on groceries.


deadcityrebel said...

right, woops, cassie made that cornbread. it was good. i think theres some left, that i'll probably work on today

ihateyourface said...

fo real. you got some andoullie. where at?

deadcityrebel said...

i would say it's an approximation to andioulle. i got it at albertsons.