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Monday, October 5, 2009

I.E.M. is a kuh..kunt...kkuh...a kuh kunt...

a continual source of inspiration. andy posted the companion videos for his latest piece on tortas and it again prompted me to go grab another torta. instead of making my way over to chungas, as i was inclined to do, i decided to try out taqueria vaquero. "where the hell is that?" you might be asking. it is in the same little strip mall place as laser assault across from the rc willey outlet on 1st west in provo. very nondescript place, but holy jeebus. i got a carnitas torta and like 6 bites in i got the itis. this may be the first time i got the itis from mexican food. usually it's brought on by ribs. i'm hoping mud butt is not a result of this round of the itis. any way, i'd really like to talk about inhuman eating machine some more. after seeing the clips of the session it made me realize what a pussy i really am. if i had tried to eat another bite of another torta i probably would have gone into a coma. even at the time of this writing, probably an hour after my ONE torta i'm feeling pretty sluggish and can't speak in complete sentences. andy is a god among men. like the videos coupled with the blog is like the goddam videodrome of gluttony.

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WindyLou said...

That is one of the single best lines I've ever seen on tv.