me and the food around me. i like to eat, so listen up.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

leftover sandwich recipe ideas

so last night i had a venture brothers party and i bought some stuff for snacks while we watched. i had:
chicken fingers
pizza rolls
girl scout cookies
oranga-aide (limeade and orange juice)
pot stickers
everything was delicious and the ventures were in rare form.
so i had some leftovers and i decided to make use of them.
i started with some dark rye bread and mayonaissed it up then i placed 4 of the leftover chicken fingers on it and sprinkled some mozzarella/provolone cheese on and drizzled some russian dressing and then grilled it. delicious.
i'm gonna keep experimenting with this one, because eventually i thin it will reach turben porportions.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

so it turns out the brits are just like us

so theres this little trio of lads over there who call themselves the hipshakes. they are great dudes and the finest of musicians. regal and proper in everything they do. word has it they are masters of geography as well. i poked around in their little british heads about some food matters that could very well change your whole life.

lets say the hipshakes are wandering throuh a small out of the way english village and bruce stumbles upon an out of the way diner? what is the most likely of these choices and why:
a. daniel and andrew shake their heads and scoff at the idea
b. everyone gets very excited, because bruce just picked another winner
c.bruce goes in by himself and never returns

Well first of all it would in all likelihood be an olde englishe pub, not a diner. Now that is clarified, here's what would happen: we'd all go in, eat some nice food, maybe wash it down with a pint of bitter, have a good old chat, then when it's time to pay, Bruce would go very quiet and look sheepish, then we'd have to pay for his food as he is a lazy bum with no money.

on average how many english muffins does andrew consume in one weeks worth of time?

He prefers to be "in muff" more than eat muffins.

at tea time, do the hipshakes buck the venerable tradition and get totally drunk? please explain

At tea time we drink tea, if it was winter it would be possible to drop a little whiskey in to warm our bones, but you can't get drunk off a little whiskey.

when in america do the hipshakes long for scones? why?

Yes, for the simple reason you cannot get them there. But how is it pronounced? SK-oh-Ns, or SK-o-ns. Long sounding "o" or short?

if the hipshakes were to plan an entire world tour around food how would the tour look?

Podgy. Actually, the last tour was planned around food, and how Bruce couldn't afford any.

one day daniel arrives at the hipshakes command center bearing an abandoned box of canned process cheese product. one corner of the box is leaking and a scratching sound can be heard within. what are the likely reactions of andrew and bruce?

Bruce would take it to add to our fridge contents of mushrooms, parmesan cheese, gin, bitter lemon, giant bowl of jelly (jello, of course).


hopefully this clears up any questions anyone has about every single british person on earth.
heres their myspace:
now go buy their records so they do another american tour.

Friday, April 25, 2008

yard sale...

so me and maggot are having a yard sale today. i'm outside on maggots front porch typing this. no one is really buying my stuff. maggot has made about 30 so far. we started at 9. i got hungry around 9:45 and finally decided to go to mcdonalds at about 10:15. its the first time i've been awake and free early enough to get some. i got the bacon egg and cheese iscuit thingy with a hash brown and a coke. they had no oj. how lame is that? i hope someone buy some of my crap.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

legal woes update

so i went to court today. they offered me a plea in abeyance. i took it. got $300 fine and 12 months court probation. i'm hungry and i gots no food. some one gimme a pizza

Saturday, April 19, 2008

man its been like weeks since i posted last. here's a few updates:
math sucks
the got the churros at del taco on lock right now. i had one last night and it ruled.
went to este a few times and it ruled
split reactions played to a semi interested crowd last night at ABG's.
the quesadilla burger at applebees is pretty damn tasty, a bit salty, but i can deal.
i just realized theres been a chick-fil-a at the mall for like 5 years and i've somehow never seen it.
i also realized theres a decent philly styled steak sandwich place at the mall that isn't too bad.
i have made a few philly cheese steaks for myself lately. pretty good i must say.
split reactions havent recorded yet.
zapata burgers still rule.
i have a new idea for the blog which i'll be implementing herei the next few days and weeks.
i decided that most of the bands i like really like food too, so i'm going to interview them about their favorite foods.
ta ta for now, eat up!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

more bad decisions

i keep telling myself i'm going to eat better. i never get around to it though. its much easier to like eat a giant burrito than have to think about and plan a meal i cook for myself. like the other day, maggot and i were going to make some cheeseburgers and we got to the store and i changed my mind and we went to joe vera's for a zapata burger. what the hell is wrong with me

Saturday, April 5, 2008


it shall be known henceforth, i officially and unequivocally withdraw my patronage of bombay house in provo. once a glorious standard of indian food in this dump, now reduced to snippy servers and incompetent cooks. last night was a horrible experience in dining that will never voluntarily be repeated. the servers don't even know the dishes they serve and the ones they do get right taste all wrong. and when you ask a server to take food back that is sub standard it is yanked away with an attitude. i will not support such an establishment that rides the coat tails of previous owners who worked extremely hard to create a pleasant dining environment, good quality food, and superb staffing and customer service with servers who are short with customers and cooks who cannot cook. i will however support the india palace on center street in provo. the old wait staff and cook staff of the bombay house have seemingly been transported there. the owners genuinely appreciate the business you bring to them. you are recognized and acknowledged as a a beneficial part of their business and their food is excellent. plus they have a lunch buffet.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


i ate some papa johns spinach alfredo pizza that maggot and cassie got tonight. wasn't too bad. also, buy my crap on ebay.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

quality control

i'm kinda getting bored with this blog. i'll probably only update from here on out when i eat something excellent or something happens that is worthy of note. like, today, we're going to record with cade thalman. and last night i made the tortellini stuff again, and i put too much red wine vinegar in it. today was less than exciting.