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Saturday, April 5, 2008


it shall be known henceforth, i officially and unequivocally withdraw my patronage of bombay house in provo. once a glorious standard of indian food in this dump, now reduced to snippy servers and incompetent cooks. last night was a horrible experience in dining that will never voluntarily be repeated. the servers don't even know the dishes they serve and the ones they do get right taste all wrong. and when you ask a server to take food back that is sub standard it is yanked away with an attitude. i will not support such an establishment that rides the coat tails of previous owners who worked extremely hard to create a pleasant dining environment, good quality food, and superb staffing and customer service with servers who are short with customers and cooks who cannot cook. i will however support the india palace on center street in provo. the old wait staff and cook staff of the bombay house have seemingly been transported there. the owners genuinely appreciate the business you bring to them. you are recognized and acknowledged as a a beneficial part of their business and their food is excellent. plus they have a lunch buffet.


mrs. everything said...

What did you order? This is so sad!

Grabloid said...

you are too picky!
i was on the exact same table as you, and the food and service was pretty damn good, especially considering we had like 30 people there.
it was unfortunate that they got maggot's order wrong, but i don't think they were rude at all about it, in fact, they replace the order pretty quickly.
come on, buddy, come wasn't that bad.
give it another chance...bombay house rules forever. food was's probably because it was vegan, hahahahahahahahahaha!

deadcityrebel said...

margaret ordered the chicken coconut korma and they gave her the chicken tikimasala. when she said this isn't the right dish they seriously argued with her for like 5 minutes. it wasn't this one incedent wither, the past 3-4 times i've been there the food quality has gone way down compared to previous visits. it is sad. it used to be such a great place to eat.