me and the food around me. i like to eat, so listen up.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

thanksgiving weekend and the greatest food invention to date.

ok. so i mainly did nothing. i worked a little, but i pretty much sat around facebooking for 4 days straight, i did alot of hanging out too, and watched a bunch of riff trax movies. i went to erin's house for thanksgiving and it was delicious. i made a pecan pie and erin made the turkey and some green beans, both kickass, and madalyn made sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. both also kickass, specially the sweet potatoes. she made some sort of streusel topping for them and they were wicked tasty. erin made the green beans with some wine and other stuff and those were out of control. the turkey was supermoist and done right. after that we went to see australia. its the movie by the guy that did 3 movies i really hate. i was really worried there was going be a bunch of singing and dancing and shit, but it turns out there was a mixed aborigine kid who had puppydog eyes and made you want to cry alot. also it had nicole kidman and her strangely formed low ass and hugh jackman looking like a mel brooks version of clint eastwood. today at work i was packaging the cannoli cream and afterwards i was eating the leftovers on the spatula. and i thought to myself, man, this would be good if i could like drink it. and it dawned upon me that i could, in fact, drink a cannoli if i made it into a milkshake. so i waited all day and as soon as i got off work i bought a bunch of cannoli from nick and i went to jasie and mylee's house and we made friggin cannoli milkshakes! my fellow people, its the most greatest thing i've ever put in my mouth. we crushed up the shells and spooned the cream into the blender on top of ice cream and milk. seriously, go find your favorite cannoli and do this.
its a commandment!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

birthday party!

for me. was tonight. but before that i sat around all day in sweatpants facebooking. i eagerly skipped school because i have no desire to be anywhere i don't want to be or do anything i don't want to do and school is not a good place to be on your birthday. neither is work. so i got up and sat around for a while. went for a couple of walks with my buddy ned then got hungry at around 3 something so i walked to sammys and got a bacon cheeseburger. i never eat there. i really hate the vast majority of the retards who also eat there and the people who work there. its so hard to pass up that burger though. so i ate that to tie me over till we got pizza. after a few folks showed up me and mylee went over to nicolitalia and got some pizzas and a couple of cannoli (and it looks likeno one touched the cannoli! more for me!) so we ate those, and they were delicious. have i mentioned i love nicolitalia? just because i work there don't mean i can't love it. so we also had chips and such at the party. i ate some of those too. and had some coke and mtn dew at various points in the evening. then we started playing apples to apples and then we played poker and then we played blackjack then we watched brets eye surgery video then we watched krull. i love krull. then everyone left. now i'm going to bed. being 31 so far isn't too bad.

Friday, November 21, 2008

gloria's little italy

over on 3rd southin provo. me and erin went there the other night. turns out erin loves food too. she's got no problem splitting whatever she's eating with me. so i had half the caruso sandwich; eggplant and fresh moz. and half of their machiavelli sandwhich; fried chicken with a pomorola (sp? it was red and had lotsa stuff in it.) sauce and moz. super good. i kinda wished the eggplant had been grilled or fried. you get different and more interesting flavors when you fry or grill stuff. whatever, it was still good. one of the kids working there that night had on this crazy like american apparel ad outfit, you know, where the photographer is a pedophile and wants to make the models look as skeezy and teenagery as possible? anyway, so this girl was wearing something like that and it creeped me right the hell out. we got a cannoli too. wasn't as good as nicolitalia's, they put those weird candy cherries on it and it had chocolate chips in it. not a fan. go get a cannoli from nicolitalia if you want good cannoli around here. craphead margaret says they're some of the best cannoli she's ever had and she should know, she's a world traveller. so i trust her. after that we went to muse for a bit, i left, because was gonna go hang out with my friend gheybin and watch a movie. we ended up cuddling and it ruled, mainly because i love cuddling more than anything. 'cept maybe eating.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

curry tofu

i went to the rice king tonight and got the curry tofu. blake donner took me there a really long time ago and thats what we'd always eat. kinda brought back some memories.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

the only thing in the house

is a half bag of cheetos puffs. and i'm gonna finish them off here in about 5 minutes.


Friday, November 14, 2008


so after class today me and jesse rex walked up the cafeteria to see what was doin. turns out dining services decided to get experimental on us. they had sweet and sour meatballs. we couldn't resist trying them. we also talked the server kid into giving us an extra ball. so we had 3 balls each. i'm happy to say that dining services' balls experiment was a success.


so i was hungry before the show tonight and i hadn't eaten anything in a while and i was craving a hot dog from 7-11. so i went to my room and scraped up a bunch of change and walked over to the 7-11 with erin and got a 1/4 lb hot dog. very satisfying. then i went back home and me and burnt reynolds and watered downy jr tore shit up. i'm confident our playing was superb because i had that hot dog.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

the hi-hat diner...

so i get up this morning to go help erin get a new chair for her apartment up in ogden and while we were looking for the place we saw this great sign that said "hi hat diner" with a cool sign that included a top hat and gloves. we were both like, woah, we're going there. so we picked up the chair from this like ebaying warehouse and drove back over to the hi-hat. pretty nondescript building except for the sign. there were some hand written signs in the window and out front there was like a trailer marquis that said "biscuits and gravy to go - $2.99". so we get inside and there was the typical schmaltzy 50's - 60's-70's rocknroll paraphernalia which is easy to ignore. so we sit down and look over the menu and decide to split a chicken fried steak and a double cheese burger. i also got a side of biscuits and with my order came some tortilla soup. the biscuits were pretty damn tasty and the soup was even better. somehow they found a way to keep the tortilla strips crunchy in the soup. worth getting. so they brought out the rest of the stuff and the burger was giant and the chicken fried steak was looking pretty good. i had to try the biscuit with some of the gravy and i was not let down. pretty damn delicious. the burger was pretty good. i wish it had been cooked a little more and the bacon was kinda odd. still tasted ok though. the best part was the chicken fried steak. their gravy is to die for. it could rival pete's chicken fried steak. so if you're up in ogden out near sunset, the hi-hat is totally worth checking out. make sure to tell them to cook your burger at least to medium unless you like undercooked burgers.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

kind of an interesting day yesterday...

i got to school and i walked into my senior seminar class yesterday morning and who was there but none other than one of my older sister's old buddy from memphis tennesee, heather b. hamilton. her name is heather b. armstrong now cuz she got married and most people know her as dooce. it was kinda funny to walk in and give her a little wave and watch the years roll back and see the shock of recognition spread across her face. haha it was pretty funny. i hadn't seen her in about fifteen years. she told me i look like a man now. good to know i guess. so after class a few of us went to nicolitalia and got some pizza. they got a primavera and a chicken mushroom alfredo pizza. they're pretty good pizzas, but i would have gotten a tuscany or a margarita or chicken pesto. still good. we got to chat for a bit and catch up with promises to hang out again soon. after that me and erin flynn went up to salt lake to check out some 2nd hand furniture stores to see if we could find some cool stuff for her new apt. the first and most obvious choice was the green ant. have i said how much i love the green ant? well i do. adam's a cool guy and he's always got something even cooler in his store and doesn't rip you off. i imagine one day'll he'll be the guy i sell some stuff to. after green ant we hit a few more places near sugarhouse with no luck. i stepped in some crap somewhere along the way, then we got over to 3rd south and hit some of the antique shops there. both of us decided we were hungry and we ran into the new este pizza on 2nd south. it turned out to be like the first day they were open. it was kinda funny, its kinda like the hip and cool version of este. the one in sugarhouse is full of hardcore kids. funny contrast. i wonder if they'll open one in provo and it will be a ska version. i got 2 slices. somehow they've managed to discover a way to re-heat pizza so it doesn't taste like rubbery butt. after we finished up at este we ran into some provo kid transplants and talked to them for a bit and headed over to randys. i found some cool 45's and a couple of rad rocknroll and r+b compilations a cool earl bostic dance record and a cool everly bros lp. i only spent about 43 bux on all of it too. i feel pretty proud. its a good thing i didn't have more time and their stock wasn't better. we left and after i got home i took ned out for a walk. yup. ned is back. i got him the other night. its funny, he's pretty theraputic in the sense that i have to wake up and walk him before i go to school so i can't stay in bed all day staring at the ceiling. ned ensures i wake up in a timely fashion and he's a good cuddler. i mean, he's no woman, but for now it'll have to do. so after walking ned i went over to errin and vigors to watch the election stuff. i new obama had won, but from the time i had left and gotten to their place more electoral college results came in. obama spanked mccains wrinkled white ass, my friends, and not once did i hear the term landslide being used. there were no narrow margins in this election. someone brought some really good hummus to the party and i couldn't stop eating the pita chips and hummus. there were also some sort of vinegary chip that i kept eating. i really dug mccain and obama's speeches. finally we have a leader thats a good orator. i also ate some wafer and creme cookies that were there. pretty good.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


i really need to stop eating at ihop.