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Saturday, November 8, 2008

the hi-hat diner...

so i get up this morning to go help erin get a new chair for her apartment up in ogden and while we were looking for the place we saw this great sign that said "hi hat diner" with a cool sign that included a top hat and gloves. we were both like, woah, we're going there. so we picked up the chair from this like ebaying warehouse and drove back over to the hi-hat. pretty nondescript building except for the sign. there were some hand written signs in the window and out front there was like a trailer marquis that said "biscuits and gravy to go - $2.99". so we get inside and there was the typical schmaltzy 50's - 60's-70's rocknroll paraphernalia which is easy to ignore. so we sit down and look over the menu and decide to split a chicken fried steak and a double cheese burger. i also got a side of biscuits and with my order came some tortilla soup. the biscuits were pretty damn tasty and the soup was even better. somehow they found a way to keep the tortilla strips crunchy in the soup. worth getting. so they brought out the rest of the stuff and the burger was giant and the chicken fried steak was looking pretty good. i had to try the biscuit with some of the gravy and i was not let down. pretty damn delicious. the burger was pretty good. i wish it had been cooked a little more and the bacon was kinda odd. still tasted ok though. the best part was the chicken fried steak. their gravy is to die for. it could rival pete's chicken fried steak. so if you're up in ogden out near sunset, the hi-hat is totally worth checking out. make sure to tell them to cook your burger at least to medium unless you like undercooked burgers.

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