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Friday, November 21, 2008

gloria's little italy

over on 3rd southin provo. me and erin went there the other night. turns out erin loves food too. she's got no problem splitting whatever she's eating with me. so i had half the caruso sandwich; eggplant and fresh moz. and half of their machiavelli sandwhich; fried chicken with a pomorola (sp? it was red and had lotsa stuff in it.) sauce and moz. super good. i kinda wished the eggplant had been grilled or fried. you get different and more interesting flavors when you fry or grill stuff. whatever, it was still good. one of the kids working there that night had on this crazy like american apparel ad outfit, you know, where the photographer is a pedophile and wants to make the models look as skeezy and teenagery as possible? anyway, so this girl was wearing something like that and it creeped me right the hell out. we got a cannoli too. wasn't as good as nicolitalia's, they put those weird candy cherries on it and it had chocolate chips in it. not a fan. go get a cannoli from nicolitalia if you want good cannoli around here. craphead margaret says they're some of the best cannoli she's ever had and she should know, she's a world traveller. so i trust her. after that we went to muse for a bit, i left, because was gonna go hang out with my friend gheybin and watch a movie. we ended up cuddling and it ruled, mainly because i love cuddling more than anything. 'cept maybe eating.

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