me and the food around me. i like to eat, so listen up.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

dear burger king

tonight i had to stop by and say hi, and i'm glad i did because i love you. alotta folks call you murder king. well, if murder is what it takes to keep the flames broiling, then murder away. you slay my taste buds every time. one thing though, on my double whopper with cheese/no onions, the lettuce javier used tonight tasted like shit. please wash it better.
all my love,

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


i haven't posted in a while, because i haven't been eating any food thats been too exciting because i was sick. like, here and there i had things that were ok, but nothing i'd care to write about. hopefully in the coming days i'll be back to my normal eating habits. i'm still kinda off. i will be back on soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009

gandolfos is on a slippery slope

the one downtown in the basement, i mean. i got a meatball sub and the last few bites are looking up at me sadly because they know i'm not gonna eat them. lame. when did gandolfos start sucking? i swear i was there about a month ago and everything was fine. maybe its just that i shouldn't get the meatball sub any longer. dave got the bridgehampton and he said his wasn' that good either. maybe it was the kids working that just can't make sandwiches. i dunno. i'm kinda bummed and i don't want to go there for a while.

Friday, January 16, 2009

for what its worth

i haven't followed the israel/ palestine thing very closely, but, i agree with old man jut: if jesus were to come back today he'd probably save the palestinians. and they'd all sit down and have a pork chop together.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the seemingly eternal fight

i feel like i'm losing the battle to this cold. after a few advil cold/sinus pills i feel a little better, but my throat still feels dry and i know in a few hours my face is gonna feel all puffy. i imagine myself with enlarged nostrils and bloated cheeks (not unlike a butt) and i can't breathe right. i decided a soupish liquidy diet is probably best for me right now. so all i've been eating the past coupla days, well i guess lunch yesterday doesn't count, but after lunch yesterday all i've been eating is ramen and soup and drinking naked juice and lots of water. ok i lied. i had some more of daves crumb top coffee cake and a glass of milk. i can't resist it. when i get better i'm probably going to subsist on crumb top coffee cake. i don't know why i love it so much, but i do. basically anything crumb top i love. i had some "homestyle" chicken noodle soup for lunch today. i don't know whose home this was developed in but the developer sucks. and the soup sucked. way too salty. and not enough chucken and noodles and vegetables. i decided the soups at school are hit and miss, some days they're amazing and its all i wanna eat, then days like today i want to dump it out all over the floor and piss in the pot i just emptied. please can we find a happy medium? i doubt the health department wants UVU to serve my urine in place of soup. i mean my urine is fine and since i've been drinking so much water and juice its basically water. we could call it hot sausage water.

Monday, January 12, 2009

the best ways to avoid getting a cold

1st, don't let your sick room mate snag a bite of your pizza and leave his infested mouth juice on your slice.
2nd, hole up in a warm room.
3rd, fuck winter.
i'm not sure how me consummating my hate of winter with an act of love is going to do anything, but i'll try if i have to.
today i tried a few things that i hope will alleviate this lame cold i got.
1st, i sucked on a cepacol on the bus on the way to school
2nd, i spit the cepacol out as soon as i was at school because it tasted like shit.
3rd, ate a hearty meal of meatloaf, veg-all and mashed potatoes, washed down with a naked juice intended for well being.
4th, snagged a few ibuprofen and alleve from errin.
5th, drank a latte with vanilla with meg at the museum
6th, had half a steak pizziola and some hot wings from nicolitalia.
7th, stole one of daves airborne tablets.
in a while, after some of this pizza digests, i/m gonna take a few night time cold gelcaps.
if i wake up tomorrow still feeling like crap i'm gonna cry.

Friday, January 9, 2009


as i was walking through the doors to brets house i could hear the colbert report from hiro's laptop. there was a clips playing from the show with our "tolerantly challenged" congressman chaffetz. guess what, i'm not a fan of concentration camps. and guess what, neither are any marginal group. guess what else? nazi's did this. and guess what else? its ethically and morally wrong, even to suggest such an ignoble thing. to suggest its good policy to round up humans as if some arbitrary boundary between races and borders actually exists is to buy your own rose smelling shit. i have no idea what i'm saying because i'm so pissed. i'm constantly appalled by the intolerant attitudes people have in this state towards the ethnically marginal. especially this state. most of the ancestors of the people here were hounded all over the country for years until they decided to move to the desert so no one could chase them. what a bunch of hypocritical clods. not to mention the fact thatmost of the poeple here believe we're all children of god, and we need to love each other, but seemingly its conditioned upon everyone cordoning off their own little section and keeping everyon else who doesn't look the same out. i realize this is very sophmoric and a little juvenalian but i'm more concerned with making a lot of noise with the hopes someone will get annoyed and tell me to shut up. i keep thinking somone around here willbe ignorant enough to prove my point. i mean, lets be honest. i went on an LDS mission to Utah and when people found out i was from the south invariably the topic of racism would come up and everyone assured me they weren't racist. fat lie that is. i've met some of the most blatantly racist people i've ever met here. sorry, a few bigots ruin it for everyone. i can't trust Utahns to not eventually come out as racists. this whole immigration issue is bullshit to begin with. the rhetoric about jobs and the economy and how undocumented workers are making these huge impacts on the economy here negatively is another pile. THE ECONOMY HERE IS BASED ON UNDOCUMENTED LABOR. if the latinos left do you really think the kids here and the other unskilled laborers (and there are tons, i've had to work with a few of them. no skills at all) would be able to pick up the slack? hell no. i've never encountered a more inept workforce. the latino community is THE vital force in the economic base in utah. i'm sure its the same in most other western states. and what have we decided to do? a fucking witch hunt! then we put them in concentration camps. word to the wise: if you're brown, leave town. i doubt the fine congressman and his deputies can discern the difference between a salvadoran, guatemalan, peruvian, brazillian, columbian, andean, mexican, venezuelan or any other central or South american. and i'm willing to bet even if you have a visa or a work permit theres gonna be alot of revocation and hold-ups if this bullshit actually happens.
these were my thoughts as i was leaving brets house. i grabbed a handful of cashews on my way out.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i don't have one, but the outside does. i've been making hot chocolate alot the past day or two and i've found i like it more if i swipe some of daves creme de menthe and put a few drops. never thought i'd be a monty hot chocolate guy. its also cinnamon flavored hot chocolate. i had some peanut butter flavored hot chocolate not too long ago and it was killer.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

the international and a BLT

so i've been bugging nick for months to make a BLT pizza but nick never has time for my zany ideas. yesterday i took the law into my ownhands and tried it out for myself. the dilemma i was facing was how the hell do you cook lettuce on a pizza without it gettin all nasty. well folks, i think spinach is an excellent substitute for lettuce. and instead of mayo, i used nicks house dressing. and instead of a pizza i made a calzone. so:
8" dough
3 ounces of mozzarella
handful of bacon
2 ounces of nicolitalia house dressing
hand full of spinach
nicks spice blend and some parmesean cheese

i folded it and threw it in the oven.
best calzone i've had in a while.
the bacon and the dressing mix well and the spinach and tomatoes are good together.
it couldn't fail. nick wouldn't try it because the dressing has mayo and he woun't touch mayo.
if he ever puts it on the menu, you can thank me.
now, secondly, i went to the international buffet with a whole bunch of folks last night; erin flynn, kiren, jesus, bret, phil, greg, abby, brooklyn and some girl named stouf. you walk in that place and it kinda smells wierd, don't let the smell fool you cuz the foods is really good. mostly asian, ther were some other "international" delights such as pizza and cheesy broccoli. the biggest surprise was the coconut shrimp. actually its a toss up between that and the steamed dumplings. i'm definitely going again because i hear the choices change all the time. and they have a $6.99 lunch buffet. lets just say i'll be frequenting the international buffet. come say hello from time to time.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

starting the new year off right

so last night burnt reynolds and his hot bones played a show in salt lake. in the days previous to the show i've eaten:
indian food
chocolate covered strawberries
alot of pizza
more pizza
and right before the show we all went to este pizza in salt lake, the new version, and dave benson and i shared a vegan meatball pizza, and everyone else got alot of other stuff. i was quite impressed with este's abilities in veganizing one of my favorite foods. after abot 4 slices, ie my half, i got taken by the dump spirit and unleashed a furious demon upon the world. the demon kept haunting me the rest of the night. i'm not sure exactly what created this demon, it could have been anything in the list above. it didn't help that the basement we played in smelled like stale puke, or that there were tons of fake hippies everywhere. it did help, however, that there was a ginat hole in the floor of the basement where we played.
lets think about this:

new years eve+stoned/drunk hippies+rock and roll+big hole in the middle of the floor= party for the sober kids.

i'm pretty sure theres a few peeps out there waking up this morning wondering how the hell their shins and knees got all bruised up.
it didn't help that the last band, the furs, had a fog machine. actually, it helped me laugh a lot.
happy new year to all those folks with bruised shins and knees.