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Thursday, January 15, 2009

the seemingly eternal fight

i feel like i'm losing the battle to this cold. after a few advil cold/sinus pills i feel a little better, but my throat still feels dry and i know in a few hours my face is gonna feel all puffy. i imagine myself with enlarged nostrils and bloated cheeks (not unlike a butt) and i can't breathe right. i decided a soupish liquidy diet is probably best for me right now. so all i've been eating the past coupla days, well i guess lunch yesterday doesn't count, but after lunch yesterday all i've been eating is ramen and soup and drinking naked juice and lots of water. ok i lied. i had some more of daves crumb top coffee cake and a glass of milk. i can't resist it. when i get better i'm probably going to subsist on crumb top coffee cake. i don't know why i love it so much, but i do. basically anything crumb top i love. i had some "homestyle" chicken noodle soup for lunch today. i don't know whose home this was developed in but the developer sucks. and the soup sucked. way too salty. and not enough chucken and noodles and vegetables. i decided the soups at school are hit and miss, some days they're amazing and its all i wanna eat, then days like today i want to dump it out all over the floor and piss in the pot i just emptied. please can we find a happy medium? i doubt the health department wants UVU to serve my urine in place of soup. i mean my urine is fine and since i've been drinking so much water and juice its basically water. we could call it hot sausage water.

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