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Sunday, January 4, 2009

the international and a BLT

so i've been bugging nick for months to make a BLT pizza but nick never has time for my zany ideas. yesterday i took the law into my ownhands and tried it out for myself. the dilemma i was facing was how the hell do you cook lettuce on a pizza without it gettin all nasty. well folks, i think spinach is an excellent substitute for lettuce. and instead of mayo, i used nicks house dressing. and instead of a pizza i made a calzone. so:
8" dough
3 ounces of mozzarella
handful of bacon
2 ounces of nicolitalia house dressing
hand full of spinach
nicks spice blend and some parmesean cheese

i folded it and threw it in the oven.
best calzone i've had in a while.
the bacon and the dressing mix well and the spinach and tomatoes are good together.
it couldn't fail. nick wouldn't try it because the dressing has mayo and he woun't touch mayo.
if he ever puts it on the menu, you can thank me.
now, secondly, i went to the international buffet with a whole bunch of folks last night; erin flynn, kiren, jesus, bret, phil, greg, abby, brooklyn and some girl named stouf. you walk in that place and it kinda smells wierd, don't let the smell fool you cuz the foods is really good. mostly asian, ther were some other "international" delights such as pizza and cheesy broccoli. the biggest surprise was the coconut shrimp. actually its a toss up between that and the steamed dumplings. i'm definitely going again because i hear the choices change all the time. and they have a $6.99 lunch buffet. lets just say i'll be frequenting the international buffet. come say hello from time to time.


Grabloid said...

come on dude...don't be thick...just eat it with fresh lettuce...

deadcityrebel said...

no way. the cooked spinach is so good