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Thursday, January 1, 2009

starting the new year off right

so last night burnt reynolds and his hot bones played a show in salt lake. in the days previous to the show i've eaten:
indian food
chocolate covered strawberries
alot of pizza
more pizza
and right before the show we all went to este pizza in salt lake, the new version, and dave benson and i shared a vegan meatball pizza, and everyone else got alot of other stuff. i was quite impressed with este's abilities in veganizing one of my favorite foods. after abot 4 slices, ie my half, i got taken by the dump spirit and unleashed a furious demon upon the world. the demon kept haunting me the rest of the night. i'm not sure exactly what created this demon, it could have been anything in the list above. it didn't help that the basement we played in smelled like stale puke, or that there were tons of fake hippies everywhere. it did help, however, that there was a ginat hole in the floor of the basement where we played.
lets think about this:

new years eve+stoned/drunk hippies+rock and roll+big hole in the middle of the floor= party for the sober kids.

i'm pretty sure theres a few peeps out there waking up this morning wondering how the hell their shins and knees got all bruised up.
it didn't help that the last band, the furs, had a fog machine. actually, it helped me laugh a lot.
happy new year to all those folks with bruised shins and knees.

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