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Friday, January 9, 2009


as i was walking through the doors to brets house i could hear the colbert report from hiro's laptop. there was a clips playing from the show with our "tolerantly challenged" congressman chaffetz. guess what, i'm not a fan of concentration camps. and guess what, neither are any marginal group. guess what else? nazi's did this. and guess what else? its ethically and morally wrong, even to suggest such an ignoble thing. to suggest its good policy to round up humans as if some arbitrary boundary between races and borders actually exists is to buy your own rose smelling shit. i have no idea what i'm saying because i'm so pissed. i'm constantly appalled by the intolerant attitudes people have in this state towards the ethnically marginal. especially this state. most of the ancestors of the people here were hounded all over the country for years until they decided to move to the desert so no one could chase them. what a bunch of hypocritical clods. not to mention the fact thatmost of the poeple here believe we're all children of god, and we need to love each other, but seemingly its conditioned upon everyone cordoning off their own little section and keeping everyon else who doesn't look the same out. i realize this is very sophmoric and a little juvenalian but i'm more concerned with making a lot of noise with the hopes someone will get annoyed and tell me to shut up. i keep thinking somone around here willbe ignorant enough to prove my point. i mean, lets be honest. i went on an LDS mission to Utah and when people found out i was from the south invariably the topic of racism would come up and everyone assured me they weren't racist. fat lie that is. i've met some of the most blatantly racist people i've ever met here. sorry, a few bigots ruin it for everyone. i can't trust Utahns to not eventually come out as racists. this whole immigration issue is bullshit to begin with. the rhetoric about jobs and the economy and how undocumented workers are making these huge impacts on the economy here negatively is another pile. THE ECONOMY HERE IS BASED ON UNDOCUMENTED LABOR. if the latinos left do you really think the kids here and the other unskilled laborers (and there are tons, i've had to work with a few of them. no skills at all) would be able to pick up the slack? hell no. i've never encountered a more inept workforce. the latino community is THE vital force in the economic base in utah. i'm sure its the same in most other western states. and what have we decided to do? a fucking witch hunt! then we put them in concentration camps. word to the wise: if you're brown, leave town. i doubt the fine congressman and his deputies can discern the difference between a salvadoran, guatemalan, peruvian, brazillian, columbian, andean, mexican, venezuelan or any other central or South american. and i'm willing to bet even if you have a visa or a work permit theres gonna be alot of revocation and hold-ups if this bullshit actually happens.
these were my thoughts as i was leaving brets house. i grabbed a handful of cashews on my way out.


Vegor said...

I was about to leave you a comment that said "yeah Joe, but what the fuck doe that have to do with food?" But then I got down to the part where grabbed a handful of cashews. Well played sir.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for saying what many of us are thinking. This is one of the many problems I have with the culture here. How quickly the past is forgotten and for that matter, Christlike love. They should try living as a mormon in the south-- maybe then they'll remember how bad it feels to be persecuted for being "different".

Jenna said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Chafffetz is an idiot- You and Cliff have a thing or two in common. You shoulda' heard him the other night. So, well said. Now what?!?

deadcityrebel said...

i kinda want to get a excellent smear campaign going. everyone calls him a boy scout. well i think he's a nazi tenderfoot.

Wade Tucker said...

"Jason Chaffettz is Adolf Hitler born again."
Jason Chaffetz said to a reporter on NPR he was glad 700 (Women and Children )or more Palestinians where killed, and only 13 Israelis, he thinks this is a good thing. He called it Justice. Only Utahs Utah county would vote for such a man. everything this man stands for, I'm against.

Great Blog : ) Thanks for sharing