me and the food around me. i like to eat, so listen up.

Friday, December 11, 2009

went to pete's today. got some great news.

so we all know how much i love pete's lunch. honestly, its the best breakfast in utah, hands down. no one does it like pete. i took mel and grady this morning because i was off work and i'd been bugging mel to come hang out. since the snowstorm she'd been worried about driving grady around on the typically unplowed UT roads, understandably. so today was super nice, sunny, and a little warmer so we agreed to meet up at pete's for breakfast. we got there around 11 and got my normal table (#9) and ordered. mel got an omelette and i got eggs toast hashbrowns and bacon. grady got milk. i always love the reaction of first timers when they take the first bite, and its usually the same:
mel was no different. i've yet to find someone who isn't wholly impressed by pete's culinary prowess. so we were eating and today helena was our waitress, but julie happened to be there and walks by and says hello and we chat a bit, and she say, oh, here, you might be interested in this, we're going to be OPEN TIL 7:00 PM NOW, AND WE WILL DO TAKE OUT ORDERS, SO YOU CAN CALL US ANY TIME BEFORE 7:00 AND WE'LL DO IT TO GO.
i almost had a heart attack, not from the food, but fromthe news that now i can get PETE'S FOR DINNER.
i'm as happy as a little girl.
i'm still working on him to get sundays open.
i'd like to think that maybe in some small way i've helped get him a few more customers, enough to warrant this exhilarating news. even if it wasn't me, i'm still happy beyond belief.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


howdy folks, seein as its been about 14 years since i wrote anything, i decided i'd take a break out of my busy schedule and "pen" a few words about some vittles i've had recently.
across from nicolitalia in that little shop that used to be hires big h, and the guanojuato mexican place and probably a few other forgettable restaurants, there is now a greek place, sadaf greek souvlaki. they gots the normal greek fare and big giant beef ribs. pretty damn good. i, of course, only got the gyro because lets be honest, its the benchmark food for small out of the way greek places. it did not fail to please. i'd take it over the other greek place on state street any day. for me its up there with greek souvlaki #1 up in salt lake. the dudes who run it are pretty ok dudes too, which is a plus, i hate goin to places where i can't talk to the owners.