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Thursday, June 2, 2011

spice grill, or don'tcha know...

a few weeks ago me, boobsie and bonesy walked over to spice grill, where the rooster place used to be, past all the other happenings downtown, i got a sampler plate and boobsie and bonesy got something else. it was great. most of what i got was fried, which (no brainer) i loved. what initially struck me as odd about spice grill was the overabundance of things on the menu that weren't indian food. burgers, fries, GYROS, and some other stuff. if you know me at all, you'll know the gryo is one of my all time favorite foods. there aren't many places in utah county to get a good gyro (imo the best in SLC is greek souvlaki #1). the tangy tzatziki is a great compliment to the savory lamb "stuff". much to my surprise spice grill has their own approach to tzatziki. they add sugar to the recipe. honest, i've never encountered a sweet tzatziki. also, i'm trying to type tzatziki as many times as possible in this post for a few reasons:
1. so i can remember how to spell it
2. muscle memory?
3. its tastes good
4. because if you're a fan of greek food in the slightest, i want you to go try a gyro from spice grill.

ok, back on track: like any new/small/unhyped resturant in provo spice grill is still working out all the kinks with their business, but you know me, nothing is more important than how good their food is. and theirs is good. really good. they aren't afraid to be inventive without sacrificing a traditional/homemade menu. kudos to them.
they're on facebook
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i wonder if i can talk them into making a pizza pakora...