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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

cheap ass pastries

so, i walked over to diegos tonight to hang out with marni and kamyrn and connie and some dudes they know and got some delicious carnitas tacos and one shredded beef taco. with a mexi-coke. duh. if they sell it, i buy it. so i chomped those tacos quickly and sat around til everyone left on their bikes, and i was still hungry and i had contemplated cooking up a frozen tombstone pizza with sausage and pepperoni, (i think i'm in love. tombstone is the king of shitty frozen pizza. totino's? suck it.) but i wasn't sure i could handle a whole frozen pizza after the tacos. as i was walking back to my house i passed the lazer assault and i saw that juanitas was still open. newlin had brought some of that stuff home before and it was good, but newlin has the ability to pick out the wierdest thing on the menu. i usually work the opposite way, i'll go for the standards and see how they stack up and if i trust those i'll take a chance on the not so popular stuff. well, i walked in and the cute little latina lady (maybe this was juanita? she can be my god-grandma) smiled at me and i wanted to buy everything. yes, ok? i'm a sucker for little old ladies. i don't really know the names of the pastries i got so i'll approximate what i got to what i know:
1 wierd pineapple sundae topping turnover
1 puffy air pastry with like a apple butter creamish filling (mostly air though, but still very tasty)
1 raspberry zinger cake roll without twinkie filling.

all three were good. and i got all three for under 2 bucks. and they were all pretty good sized pastries. thank you latino for not trying to rip everyone off during these times of woe and want. i really want to go back every day and buy something different. some of it looked really sketchy, though i recognized it because it was the shit newlin had brought home before but i still may buy it because of that little old lady.
the downside is that when i got home i realized my milk was past date. can't do it. even if its a day or so.
now i'm hungry again, and i think i'm gonna bust out one of those tombstones now.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


so someone posted a review for nicolitalia pizzeria on the zagat user site, and if enough people put user reviews up, zagat will send out an actual reviewer, so, if anyone likes nicolitalia to write a tiny review, go here:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Testing? Testing? Testing? Check? I wish the bus had complementary continental breakfasts.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

why the deerhunter is better than any other bar on earth

first off, when broken spells and burnt reynolds play there, they let us do whatever the hell we want. which is pretty good. like last night was kind of a mess in terms of how shows are supposed to go, like our stuff kept coming unplugged. it was pretty funny, but it isn't too much fun when you're into a song and all the amps turn off. we thought like the owner would get bugged at us but he was laughing and had a blast with the other 8 people that were there. after burnt reynolds i had a chance to work some magic with duct tape and keep everything working. i found some zingers previous to the show at johnny's house and stole a box, for the express purpose of "sharing" them with the DH crowd. like most times the broken spells set devolved into me dropping my guitar and falling into the drums or the crowd, this time it was the drums. i don't know how many songs we screwed up, but it didn't matter, know why? because that shit doesn't matter. us having a good time with everyone, regardless of dropping things or stuff cutting out or screwing up songs completely, everybody was there to party, and we had a party. then, james, the owner, made us dinner. wtf? nobody has ever made our bands dinner for playing the show. he felt bad there wasn't a bigger crowd, but we didn't care, we had a good time. still it was great, he made spaghetti and garlic bread and some salads. such a cool vibe, we got a chance to BS about shows and stuff. was really a good night. i'm stoked about the folks that came out, and especially jared for helping us take gear since my van broke.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

good BBQ in UT valley??

remember a few weeks back when i was talking about that BBQ place up in lindon? well, i've decided to finally write about it. its called the smoking apple.
first lets start by me outlining a few things that bother me about the BBQ i've found here so far:
1. we aren't in memphis.
2. no one knows how to make a rub or a wash
3. no one know that to make brisket correctly it needs to be cured (very quickly)
4. no one knows that chopped shoulder is much better than "pulled pork"
5. no one know that to make a shoulder right it needs a good bark (like a tree, not a dog)
6. no one has figured out ho to make a decent sauce. argue all you want, i won't listen.
smoke house BBQ blows. lons blows. wanna know why? because their sauce blows. and they don't offer their sandwiches with cole slaw. both places are making MIM style BBQ but neither are making the sauce correct. it tastes either like ketchup or sugar. lame.
its different at the smoking apple. they have close to what i would consider good sauce, and mind you, memphis style vinegar based sauce isn't my fav. i'm kind of more into the southern arkansas east texas molasses/vinegar combo. and these dudes are the closest so far. when we ate there the shoulder was chopped (even though they called it pulled) but was a little dry, but it didn't bother me so much because it had a good flavor, they apparently know what a rub is, and it had what looked to be about a 1/2 inch smoke ring on the inside of the bark, which means the introduced smoke about an hour after they started cooking. to make a shoulder look that way takes a lot of practice, and these guy know what they're doing. they've only been open now for about a month and a half, but just by looking at the presentation of the meat i can tell these guys have been smoking for a while, maybe even competitively. i didn't see or smell smoke when we first walked up but the smell was strong once we got inside it was present, this also leads me to believe these guy are using pellet cookers, which is a good move since pellets are cheap and, depending on the wood type, you get a very good smoke flavor with them. the pellets themselves are basically swept up wood shaings and compressed. best recycling ever.
so. go check out smoking apple. i'd reccomend going earlier in the evening to make sure you get a fresher cut. also get their fries. those are pretty good too.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i ate a 1/2 lb burger last night

and i shouldn't have. this new little diner opened on center street and i been dying to get down to it. me an bret finally went last night, or i guess yesterday evening. they close at seven, which blows. its called cape may grill. they got greasy burgers and cheesesteaks, i haven't really memprized the menu just yet, but those seem to bee the main atractions. i think i also saw a turkey melt and steak sandwich (which is totally different than a cheese steak). so, we ordered from a kid wearing a goofy hawaiian shirt that we were sure he didn't choose to wear. poor kid. oh well, i tipped him good. so yeah, this 1/2 lb burger was great. it had 2 slices of cheese a buncha bacon grilled mushroom and tomatoes letuce and onions, i opted out on the onions...and the fries, holy shit, were seasoned fries. that they make there (i think). the only problem i had with this burger (aside from being a dumbass and eating a 1/2 lb of beef) is the same problem i usually have with burgers around here. they cook the beef straight. no salt, no onion powder, no garlic, no pepper. i'm telling you, the first place that realizes its worth the extra few bucks a month to cover the price of onion powder will have the best burgers in the state. otherwise its one of the best burgers i've had in a while. its easily up there with petes and joe vera's. i've taken sammys out of the running because its a pretty bland burger. i don't know wht kind of cheese cape may uses, but its some kinda crazy american cheddar hybrid that was almost fake. i dig it. the bacon they used wasn't too thick and wasn't wimpy, wasn't over cooked. brets cheese steak was covered in what looked like cheesewiz, score for authenticity if so. it smelled really good and i wanted a bite but bret is a dick and doesn't share. i didn't even bother asking. another good thing abut cape may is they have breakfast all day. me and juliet went this morning and i grabbed a breakfast burrito, southwestern style. it was tasty. they used what seemed like pace picante as their heat source in the burrito. it also had hashbrowns in it which was good. it was cheesy and eggy and salsa-y. wasn't too bad. juliets breakfast looked good and i had a piece of her toast. i'm definitely going back. its pretty reasonably priced. its open later than pete's but not as late as betos or sammys. i talked to whoat seemed to be the owner this morning and he seemd keen on the idea of staying open later once business gets going. which is good because they're right next door to shitty limits and those drunks need a place to get a burger after drinking buckets of beer. i'm eventually going to try most of what they have on the menu but i need to space out my visits because i'm still suffering from the burger.
this place is right across from that crappy covey arts place on center street, and you can sit out on cape may's patio and make fun the shitty design while you eat one of the better burgers in provo.

Friday, April 3, 2009

burrito adventure kids

last night after nobunny destroyed the compound me and bryan and cassie and bill from rocknroll adventure kids went to betos and scored some tasty burritos. hit the spot. i puked in betos grass to make room for my burrito. too much sangria. anyway, last night was one of the best nights of my life because broken spells kicked ass johnny and bret and steve and bens new band kicked ass, rocknroll adventure kids warmed everyone up nicely and kicked ass and nobunny came down from heaven and blessed us with his love. and by love i mean he kicked ass. never before has the compound rocked so hard. hopefully we can keep up the pace. get ready.