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Friday, April 3, 2009

burrito adventure kids

last night after nobunny destroyed the compound me and bryan and cassie and bill from rocknroll adventure kids went to betos and scored some tasty burritos. hit the spot. i puked in betos grass to make room for my burrito. too much sangria. anyway, last night was one of the best nights of my life because broken spells kicked ass johnny and bret and steve and bens new band kicked ass, rocknroll adventure kids warmed everyone up nicely and kicked ass and nobunny came down from heaven and blessed us with his love. and by love i mean he kicked ass. never before has the compound rocked so hard. hopefully we can keep up the pace. get ready.


steve said...

i concur

c. said...

viva la compound, and god bless beto's.

DruglessxF said...

Whoah, the RocknRoll Adventure Kids? Like, from Sacramento,CA? I saw those folks four years ago at Gilman for New Years Eve in 2004. It was like 20 seconds to the new year, and the singer goes: "So... it's going to be 2005? Should we do the countdown? Okay, well uh... 1!2!3!4!" And they blasted into another song, and somewhere in the middle it became the worst year of my life. But that was a good time.