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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i ate a 1/2 lb burger last night

and i shouldn't have. this new little diner opened on center street and i been dying to get down to it. me an bret finally went last night, or i guess yesterday evening. they close at seven, which blows. its called cape may grill. they got greasy burgers and cheesesteaks, i haven't really memprized the menu just yet, but those seem to bee the main atractions. i think i also saw a turkey melt and steak sandwich (which is totally different than a cheese steak). so, we ordered from a kid wearing a goofy hawaiian shirt that we were sure he didn't choose to wear. poor kid. oh well, i tipped him good. so yeah, this 1/2 lb burger was great. it had 2 slices of cheese a buncha bacon grilled mushroom and tomatoes letuce and onions, i opted out on the onions...and the fries, holy shit, were seasoned fries. that they make there (i think). the only problem i had with this burger (aside from being a dumbass and eating a 1/2 lb of beef) is the same problem i usually have with burgers around here. they cook the beef straight. no salt, no onion powder, no garlic, no pepper. i'm telling you, the first place that realizes its worth the extra few bucks a month to cover the price of onion powder will have the best burgers in the state. otherwise its one of the best burgers i've had in a while. its easily up there with petes and joe vera's. i've taken sammys out of the running because its a pretty bland burger. i don't know wht kind of cheese cape may uses, but its some kinda crazy american cheddar hybrid that was almost fake. i dig it. the bacon they used wasn't too thick and wasn't wimpy, wasn't over cooked. brets cheese steak was covered in what looked like cheesewiz, score for authenticity if so. it smelled really good and i wanted a bite but bret is a dick and doesn't share. i didn't even bother asking. another good thing abut cape may is they have breakfast all day. me and juliet went this morning and i grabbed a breakfast burrito, southwestern style. it was tasty. they used what seemed like pace picante as their heat source in the burrito. it also had hashbrowns in it which was good. it was cheesy and eggy and salsa-y. wasn't too bad. juliets breakfast looked good and i had a piece of her toast. i'm definitely going back. its pretty reasonably priced. its open later than pete's but not as late as betos or sammys. i talked to whoat seemed to be the owner this morning and he seemd keen on the idea of staying open later once business gets going. which is good because they're right next door to shitty limits and those drunks need a place to get a burger after drinking buckets of beer. i'm eventually going to try most of what they have on the menu but i need to space out my visits because i'm still suffering from the burger.
this place is right across from that crappy covey arts place on center street, and you can sit out on cape may's patio and make fun the shitty design while you eat one of the better burgers in provo.


Marge Bjork said...

this is the way all food critics should write.

-emma h.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for always making me laugh, Joey. :)

johnny said...

this just in- that philly cheese is pretty amazing. the bread was perfect and especially the cheese. bret wasn't stoked on the cheese from what i heard but it's so damn good. it's like melted american with some secret ingredient thats a little bit tangy.

deadcityrebel said...

really? he seemed like he liked it. i bet its government cheese.