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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

cheap ass pastries

so, i walked over to diegos tonight to hang out with marni and kamyrn and connie and some dudes they know and got some delicious carnitas tacos and one shredded beef taco. with a mexi-coke. duh. if they sell it, i buy it. so i chomped those tacos quickly and sat around til everyone left on their bikes, and i was still hungry and i had contemplated cooking up a frozen tombstone pizza with sausage and pepperoni, (i think i'm in love. tombstone is the king of shitty frozen pizza. totino's? suck it.) but i wasn't sure i could handle a whole frozen pizza after the tacos. as i was walking back to my house i passed the lazer assault and i saw that juanitas was still open. newlin had brought some of that stuff home before and it was good, but newlin has the ability to pick out the wierdest thing on the menu. i usually work the opposite way, i'll go for the standards and see how they stack up and if i trust those i'll take a chance on the not so popular stuff. well, i walked in and the cute little latina lady (maybe this was juanita? she can be my god-grandma) smiled at me and i wanted to buy everything. yes, ok? i'm a sucker for little old ladies. i don't really know the names of the pastries i got so i'll approximate what i got to what i know:
1 wierd pineapple sundae topping turnover
1 puffy air pastry with like a apple butter creamish filling (mostly air though, but still very tasty)
1 raspberry zinger cake roll without twinkie filling.

all three were good. and i got all three for under 2 bucks. and they were all pretty good sized pastries. thank you latino for not trying to rip everyone off during these times of woe and want. i really want to go back every day and buy something different. some of it looked really sketchy, though i recognized it because it was the shit newlin had brought home before but i still may buy it because of that little old lady.
the downside is that when i got home i realized my milk was past date. can't do it. even if its a day or so.
now i'm hungry again, and i think i'm gonna bust out one of those tombstones now.


c. said...

yes, ok? i'm a sucker for little old and me both. especially when they're offering you food. i want to give nancy at osaka a bajillion dollar tip every time she waits on me.

Marge Bjork said...


Christine Armbruster said...

um, yeah i'm completely obsessed with juanita's and that little latin lady. if you buy like 4 i think they give you one free? something like that.. i'm not sure. eat the upside down rainbow triangles. those are my favorite.