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Thursday, April 9, 2009

good BBQ in UT valley??

remember a few weeks back when i was talking about that BBQ place up in lindon? well, i've decided to finally write about it. its called the smoking apple.
first lets start by me outlining a few things that bother me about the BBQ i've found here so far:
1. we aren't in memphis.
2. no one knows how to make a rub or a wash
3. no one know that to make brisket correctly it needs to be cured (very quickly)
4. no one knows that chopped shoulder is much better than "pulled pork"
5. no one know that to make a shoulder right it needs a good bark (like a tree, not a dog)
6. no one has figured out ho to make a decent sauce. argue all you want, i won't listen.
smoke house BBQ blows. lons blows. wanna know why? because their sauce blows. and they don't offer their sandwiches with cole slaw. both places are making MIM style BBQ but neither are making the sauce correct. it tastes either like ketchup or sugar. lame.
its different at the smoking apple. they have close to what i would consider good sauce, and mind you, memphis style vinegar based sauce isn't my fav. i'm kind of more into the southern arkansas east texas molasses/vinegar combo. and these dudes are the closest so far. when we ate there the shoulder was chopped (even though they called it pulled) but was a little dry, but it didn't bother me so much because it had a good flavor, they apparently know what a rub is, and it had what looked to be about a 1/2 inch smoke ring on the inside of the bark, which means the introduced smoke about an hour after they started cooking. to make a shoulder look that way takes a lot of practice, and these guy know what they're doing. they've only been open now for about a month and a half, but just by looking at the presentation of the meat i can tell these guys have been smoking for a while, maybe even competitively. i didn't see or smell smoke when we first walked up but the smell was strong once we got inside it was present, this also leads me to believe these guy are using pellet cookers, which is a good move since pellets are cheap and, depending on the wood type, you get a very good smoke flavor with them. the pellets themselves are basically swept up wood shaings and compressed. best recycling ever.
so. go check out smoking apple. i'd reccomend going earlier in the evening to make sure you get a fresher cut. also get their fries. those are pretty good too.


Josh said...

You need to go try Pat's BBQ is SLC. That is probably your best bet, or maybe even Q4U. After going I do want to see what you think!

Jenna said...

Why don't you quit your complain' and open your own damn bbq joint? Yours is the best I've EVER had.

deadcityrebel said...

gimme some money so i can

Jenna said...

how much is enough?

deadcityrebel said...

enough to get me started and going. $25,000?