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Sunday, April 12, 2009

why the deerhunter is better than any other bar on earth

first off, when broken spells and burnt reynolds play there, they let us do whatever the hell we want. which is pretty good. like last night was kind of a mess in terms of how shows are supposed to go, like our stuff kept coming unplugged. it was pretty funny, but it isn't too much fun when you're into a song and all the amps turn off. we thought like the owner would get bugged at us but he was laughing and had a blast with the other 8 people that were there. after burnt reynolds i had a chance to work some magic with duct tape and keep everything working. i found some zingers previous to the show at johnny's house and stole a box, for the express purpose of "sharing" them with the DH crowd. like most times the broken spells set devolved into me dropping my guitar and falling into the drums or the crowd, this time it was the drums. i don't know how many songs we screwed up, but it didn't matter, know why? because that shit doesn't matter. us having a good time with everyone, regardless of dropping things or stuff cutting out or screwing up songs completely, everybody was there to party, and we had a party. then, james, the owner, made us dinner. wtf? nobody has ever made our bands dinner for playing the show. he felt bad there wasn't a bigger crowd, but we didn't care, we had a good time. still it was great, he made spaghetti and garlic bread and some salads. such a cool vibe, we got a chance to BS about shows and stuff. was really a good night. i'm stoked about the folks that came out, and especially jared for helping us take gear since my van broke.

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