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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

birthday party!

for me. was tonight. but before that i sat around all day in sweatpants facebooking. i eagerly skipped school because i have no desire to be anywhere i don't want to be or do anything i don't want to do and school is not a good place to be on your birthday. neither is work. so i got up and sat around for a while. went for a couple of walks with my buddy ned then got hungry at around 3 something so i walked to sammys and got a bacon cheeseburger. i never eat there. i really hate the vast majority of the retards who also eat there and the people who work there. its so hard to pass up that burger though. so i ate that to tie me over till we got pizza. after a few folks showed up me and mylee went over to nicolitalia and got some pizzas and a couple of cannoli (and it looks likeno one touched the cannoli! more for me!) so we ate those, and they were delicious. have i mentioned i love nicolitalia? just because i work there don't mean i can't love it. so we also had chips and such at the party. i ate some of those too. and had some coke and mtn dew at various points in the evening. then we started playing apples to apples and then we played poker and then we played blackjack then we watched brets eye surgery video then we watched krull. i love krull. then everyone left. now i'm going to bed. being 31 so far isn't too bad.


Anonymous said...

31? Well, your life supposedly ends at 30, so how much worse could it have gotten, right?

Happy belated. :)

on the run said...

Happy birthday! I thought of you then but don't have that damn phone number of yours... Miss you tons, hope youre well. glad to see youre still eating!
lots of love joey