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Sunday, November 30, 2008

thanksgiving weekend and the greatest food invention to date.

ok. so i mainly did nothing. i worked a little, but i pretty much sat around facebooking for 4 days straight, i did alot of hanging out too, and watched a bunch of riff trax movies. i went to erin's house for thanksgiving and it was delicious. i made a pecan pie and erin made the turkey and some green beans, both kickass, and madalyn made sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. both also kickass, specially the sweet potatoes. she made some sort of streusel topping for them and they were wicked tasty. erin made the green beans with some wine and other stuff and those were out of control. the turkey was supermoist and done right. after that we went to see australia. its the movie by the guy that did 3 movies i really hate. i was really worried there was going be a bunch of singing and dancing and shit, but it turns out there was a mixed aborigine kid who had puppydog eyes and made you want to cry alot. also it had nicole kidman and her strangely formed low ass and hugh jackman looking like a mel brooks version of clint eastwood. today at work i was packaging the cannoli cream and afterwards i was eating the leftovers on the spatula. and i thought to myself, man, this would be good if i could like drink it. and it dawned upon me that i could, in fact, drink a cannoli if i made it into a milkshake. so i waited all day and as soon as i got off work i bought a bunch of cannoli from nick and i went to jasie and mylee's house and we made friggin cannoli milkshakes! my fellow people, its the most greatest thing i've ever put in my mouth. we crushed up the shells and spooned the cream into the blender on top of ice cream and milk. seriously, go find your favorite cannoli and do this.
its a commandment!

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King of New York Hacks said...

My niece and I put chocolate on a steak one time....It was GLORIOUS !!