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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

leftover sandwich recipe ideas

so last night i had a venture brothers party and i bought some stuff for snacks while we watched. i had:
chicken fingers
pizza rolls
girl scout cookies
oranga-aide (limeade and orange juice)
pot stickers
everything was delicious and the ventures were in rare form.
so i had some leftovers and i decided to make use of them.
i started with some dark rye bread and mayonaissed it up then i placed 4 of the leftover chicken fingers on it and sprinkled some mozzarella/provolone cheese on and drizzled some russian dressing and then grilled it. delicious.
i'm gonna keep experimenting with this one, because eventually i thin it will reach turben porportions.

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Christina MC said...

You are braver than I, fair sir, to record your daily repasts.