me and the food around me. i like to eat, so listen up.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

man its been like weeks since i posted last. here's a few updates:
math sucks
the got the churros at del taco on lock right now. i had one last night and it ruled.
went to este a few times and it ruled
split reactions played to a semi interested crowd last night at ABG's.
the quesadilla burger at applebees is pretty damn tasty, a bit salty, but i can deal.
i just realized theres been a chick-fil-a at the mall for like 5 years and i've somehow never seen it.
i also realized theres a decent philly styled steak sandwich place at the mall that isn't too bad.
i have made a few philly cheese steaks for myself lately. pretty good i must say.
split reactions havent recorded yet.
zapata burgers still rule.
i have a new idea for the blog which i'll be implementing herei the next few days and weeks.
i decided that most of the bands i like really like food too, so i'm going to interview them about their favorite foods.
ta ta for now, eat up!


Grabloid said...

I'm guessing maybe five years and you die of a heart attack...that is, if you're lucky.

deadcityrebel said...

i will die full and happy and i'll rip a big fart in your honor as my dying breath, instead of a dying breath