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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the night before payday

and all i had was a head of newlins cabbage, one of newlins potatoes, and some fresh bratwurst cassie s brought me. i decided to cook it all up. i cut up about half the cabbage and started boiling it with a bunch of salt/pepper/onionpowder/garlic/celery flakes threw in the potatoes also put a sprinkle of some crappy cajun seasoning. not a fan of that shit anymore. i let this stuff boil down for a while. as it was boiling i listened to the tards blood visions lp. still one of my favs. anywho, i cut up the bratwurst and basically made bratwurst meatballs and threw them in withthe cabbage and potatoes. kind of a tasty broth i had going. i accidentally put too much pepper in, but cabbage is pretty sweet so it wasn't too bad. when everything was cooked down i squeezed a buncha mustard on top of everything. very tasty. i'm kinda tempted to figure out a way to make like a cabbage mustard soup with bratwurst balls. i think i would have to shred the cabbage and have more broth than solid items. i think any way i did it would taste pretty good. those ingredients are kinda hard to screw up. super simple, super tasty. who knows, it may end up in someones little diner or donut shop sometime.

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c. said...

bratball soup. i like it.

sometime you should borrow my dutch oven, or i'll just make wurst for you the way my mom makes them. she puts thin-sliced potatoes and kraut and the whole wursts in a dutch oven and bakes it all until it's simmering and juicy. so good. especially with mustard and some crusty bread on the side.