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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

way to go ABG's!

so last night at around 11:30 or so i got a craving for a cheeseburger. and as per usual, nothing was open so i kinda felt like a cheeseburger wasn't going to happen. like,i kinda avoid sammys as it is now overrun with the worst sorts of people. you know, the kind who you've never met and who say things like this to you "so, how have you been lately". scumbags. its also way too bright in there, and i usually have to listen to top 40 BS. too many negatives. so i was complaining to johnny k and he was like, "dude, try ABG's. their burger is pretty good". so i went to go over, and i'd heard that they get pissy if you order too late (misinformation BTW) so i walked quickly. i showed up and ther were a few folks playing pool, and goth jason was working, nice dude. very nice dude. and i told him i'd like the double cheeseburger with fries ($6!) and that newlie was heading over and we;d be staying. so newlie got there, we chatted for a bit and jason brought the burgers over. super flavory burgers baby. fries were kinda spicy but not in a shitty way. so me and dave hung out there a while and had a few, and some drunk fool was offering to buy everyone int he bar a drink, so i looked up and asked the other bartender to grab me a harp lager. will probably never see that guy again, but i will get another burger. maybe even tonight.


Jendar said...

so is sammy's now hipster central or something? i miss their sweet potatoes fries.

deadcityrebel said...

no, it's douchebag bro/idiot central. i mean, they're similiar, especially here, but i think you'd see more hollister going in there than american apparrel.