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Sunday, August 2, 2009

oh beto's, or: how the mighty have fallen

so, as i like to do sometimes, i went to betos around 1:30 am to grab a texano last week, bret, johnny, jut and sean were there (sean actually put ketchup on a burrito. wtf) and we all ate our burritos and like since beto's usually uses dark meat for their chicken i didn't think anything of what i was eating. well i should have. i'm pretty sure i ingested quite a bit of uncooked chicken that night. what followed the next day i won't really go into, but you can imagine. funny thing is, i've never heard people tell of body aches from food poisoning. and also i've never actually felt my kidneys throb before. and i have to agree with jesse rex that since changing their name and moving to a new location the quality of beto's has changed, or dropped off the face of the planet. i have no other choice but to call beto's the only thing i can think of. rancherito's. a new, lesser version of beto's. sorry dudes. that burrito ended like a 7 year love affair. you can take your new name and shove it up your ass with that raw chicken i spewed. i don't know what i'm going to do. i still may have to get the breakfast burrito from time to time. there isn't much chance of raw chicken in that one. still. i need to warn brimstone howl because beto's, er, rancherito's is one of the main reasons they come to town. i guess i'll have to go to the hospital for late night snacks from now on. bummer.


c. said...

this is heartbreaking. since i'm picky with meat to begin with i've stuck with the original breakfast burrito, which just has eggs and potato and pico de gallo. but now i'm suspicious of eggs. horchata? i guess their fries are good too.

this is a total drag.

Don LaVange said...

was it the real beto's or those poseur rancheritos?

They have also been cutting way back on the meat in their burritos.

deadcityrebel said...

those ass-hats over at the new rancheritos on 500 west in brovo.