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Thursday, August 6, 2009

found a decent little bbq shop in springville

its called charlie boy's pit bbq. its a carolina style bbq, but the sauce is a little more tomato-y than normal carolina vinegar stuff. pretty good. saw the pit in the back. the slaw is ok and the beans are pretty good too. me and bryan, erin and dave benson went and checked it out after a little skate session at the sprinville skatepark. fun day. charlie boys is where brand x burgers used to be.


c. said...

i was not impressed with charlie boy's pit bbq. for one thing, i'm really not a fan of carolina barbecue. for another, i tried their chicken and they had doused it with awful smoke flavoring. no thanks. their pig smoker is pretty cute, though.

my grandpa delivered burgers to brand x when they were in business. funny story: the (ex) owner hit on him at my grandma's viewing.

deadcityrebel said...

was the ex owner a dude? you know how picky i am. what was it about charlie boys? the BBQ didn't have any smoke flavor i could detect.

c. said...

no, the ex-owner is named deanna. she has horrible osteoporosis, and she's crazy, and she's on all kinds of drugs.

the barbecue wasn't bad--i just don't like carolina barbecue. if you got the chicken you'd know what i mean, although maybe they've improved it now.