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Friday, March 6, 2009


kinda like a sit in, but at village inn. we held court last night after the burnt reynolds show at kilby. kind of a wierd show, burnt went on first, and i think our brand of dip-shit-core was confusing to all the xpunkHCpunkx that were there for the other bands. we did win a few heads tho, couple of folks took tapes and dropped them in the parking lot. so after the show we tried to find dee's, but google kept failing and we settled for villiage inn. someone spotted a new menu item called the chicken and biscuit. i had to try it. because it came with gravy. so we all got our food and when mine came i was sure how i was supposed to eat it. it was like 2 lil chicken sandwiches on biscuits and a bowl of gravy. do i dip the sandwiches in gravy? i mean i like the idea of gravy as a dipping sauce but it was wierd tasting, so i gave up and dumped the gravy on the biscuits. it was marginally better. i kept trying to drink enough water to keep up with how dry the chicken was too. the plastic carafe gave out after about 5 minutes so i started drinking other people's water. i don't think i've ever had chicken that dry. or biscuits that hard. and gravy that flavorless. jesse's french toast looked good though.


c. said...

when i'm at a diner late at night i just want toast. and there was no toast to be had. village inn, you never cease to disappoint.

meg said...

damn i love village inn so much. i will go to village inn anytime... which is not true, because sometimes i am stubborn and just want to stay home... BUT if i am every hyped up on some kind of legal/illegal stimulant (like right now??? maybe???), i will probably go and drink some fuck rad ass awesome village inn coffee and snort some sweet n' low. damn i can't stop typing. JOEY!!! where were you in class today?!? you suck. psych, man. you rock. you just suck a little for missing class. your ass is trash. cruisin' for a bruisin'.

deadcityrebel said...

why does everyone keep forgetting i've taken that class before? i don't always NEED to go