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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


yes i'm spelling it right. because tis the name i've given to the most delicious sandwich ever. i decided to go ahead and combine my two favorite sandwiches into one colossal appetite satiant. i used the potato bread and the turkey and provolone mixed with the corned beef, sauerkraut, russian dressing and grey poupon and in a taste test 3 out of 3 loved it. its more than 110% because i love it too! maggot caeup with the name because i was going to call it the rubkey. she said it sounded dirty. and yes, turben does have a nice ring to it. and i had like 3 of them today. along with a few ginger ales and some blueberry streudel bites i got at the store the other day. i wandered around provo putting up some flyers for the show, which no one will come to, only to realize there is a glaring typo. i usually call my house the compound, but on the flyer i spelled it comound. oh well. it doesn't matter since no one cares. after that i went to help emma look at a car she was thinking about buying. i'm glad i went. i think it had been in about 4 big wrecks and the guy who had done the body work sucked because i think instead of paint he used an orange peel. also none of the body panels lined up and the two front quarter panels stuck up about a half inch over the hood. you may not know what this means, but i do. and it sucks if you're looking to buy a car off someone. especially when they tell you with no hesitation that the car has never been in a wreck. also the air conditioner was missing. we made our way back over to my house and lex was hoe and i started trying to takeout the back bench seat in the rocket ship. this may be a two day ordeal. i have to use a sawzall to cut the clamps off the seat because the bolts are rusted tight. wd-40 aint got a thing on this van. after running the battery dry on the saw i went to jesse's to watch jesse and ricky watch the jazz game. i don't like sports, i just like sports fans. ricky was getting really worked up so i mived across the room. i was having flashbacks of my dad throwing things (including, but not limited to: the cat, the newspaper, cans of dr.pepper, o'douls, me, chairs, books, and anything he could get his meaty paws on) while watching university of memphis b-ball games. my mom would always try to get me to watch games with him because she thought it would make me like him more. but it usually only served as a reminder of how much time i didn't want to spend with him. ricky promised me he wouldn't punch me, just the couch or the floor. so after the game charley made some brownies and put neopolitan ice cream on it. i think i've said it once, but i'll say it again: brownies with ice cream is the lords gift to human kind. eternal life ain't got nothin on brownies and ice cream. around this time we decided to watch no country for old men. such a great film. i love the cohens, and i love cormac mccarthy. he's one of my favorite writers ever. and the cohens did such a great job on that film. before we watched it i had to go make a turben because i was fiending. i made everyone who woud volunteer take a bite. thats how i got the above statistic on the turben taste test. after the movie we sat around and discussed plans to go to wendover nev. yeah, i know. but its spring break and i got nothin better to do.

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