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Friday, March 7, 2008

10 pins

i really should start eating breakfast more. i should also remember to do my laundry before i run out and have to miss classes. i probably shouldn't get a veggie burger with bacon, but guess what, i do and i friggin love it. wanna know why? because it friggin tastes good, thats why. i eat food because it tastes good. if it doesn't taste good i don't eat it. know what else tastes good? the zapata burger i had a joe vera's tonight. that tasted way good (even though they put it on regular bread and not a bun, i guess they ran out of buns). the flan we had tonight wasn't too good, but i ate some, because it was free, and even though its not my favorite i had a few bites. yeah. and then i went to ruels show opening and it was pretty damn cool. and then i went bowling. my high tonight was about 122. not bad for not having bowled in a few years. i think i just might go again. damn straight. if you're around salt lake tomorrow night, come see split reactions play. we're playing at red light books in salt lake. 300s 200e down in the basement. should be a good time.

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