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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

m is for mean

and m stands for maggot. because she punches and slaps me continually. for no DAMN reason. and she's looking over my shoulder. watching me. i tried experimenting with the reuben again. i decided to make a bacon reuben. it was mediocre. i know. bacon usually enhances any food it is used with. somehow it didn't mix well with the sauerkraut. but at least i tried it and thats what counts. now i can tell everyone else that trying to make a reuben with bacon isn't the best idea. i bet it would taste good with turkey, but as the solo meat it didn't pan out. so after that i washed it down with ginger ale and a hand full of wheat thins. then i watched some more venture brothers. and fell asleep on maggots couch. for like 4 hours. then i got up because her couch sucks when two people try to sleep on it. so i snuck into her room and fell asleep in her bed for a couple of hours. i woke up with a headache. i blame it squarely on the bacon reuben. after being groggy for like an hour we went to old navy. i bought a shirt there that was too small and i needed to exhange it. it was like 3 bux. after we went to old navy we went to smiths and i got:
1/2 lb of corned beef
1/2 lb of hickory smokedpepperedturkey
1/2 lb of provolone cheese
1/2 gallon of breyers natural vanilla ice cream
now i can make normal reubens again. crap. i just realized i forgot to buy rye bread. anyway, we went to joe veras and me and maggot split a zapata burger and a cheese crisp. so good. i wasn't really even hungry (again, squarely blamed on the bacon reuben) but that burger is so good i can't resist eating one. or 1/2 of one. we went back to maggots and watched 28 weeks later. so maggot is pressuring me to finish. fine. post done. geez.


Anonymous said...

the vinegar in kraut is the probs what is cancelling out the bacon's flavor. although, see you'd think russian (aka 1000 island-esque) dressing would taste wonderful with bacon. well 'cause it does. or maybe that is the lil old southern lady in me. but generally, vinegar is the culprit.

deadcityrebel said...

hmm. maybe i'll just do bacon in conjunction with other meats.