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Friday, March 14, 2008

spring break...woooo!!!

so last night at jesses house we (maggot me jesse charley austin and ricky) decided to go to wendover. thats where i am right now. what a skeezy place. i love it. i gambled away about 60 bucks. i lost 40 at the black jack table and about 5 at slots, so i guess i got 15 left over. still. at one point i was up 40 at blackjack but then we got a new dealer and she took everyone. lame. so after i got up i had to get the va ready to go, and that meant putting the seats back in. and cleaning it out. which i did grudgingly. we didn't actually leave town til about 6:30. but maggot and i went to sams and got some snacks for the road. we got:
1 case of mexican coke (still made with cane sugar)
1 thing of baker eddie's cheese danishes
1 bag of gardettos snack mix
while we were at sams i also got:
2 slices of pizza
one raspberry sweet tea and lemonade
and maggot got:
1 diet coke
when we got back to maggots we kinda had to wait for everyone to get ready. no prob. i snacked on a few more streudel bites.
once we got on the road i had about a handful or so of the gardettos and one mexican coke.
i love my van. like everyone fit comfortably and like everyone was having a good time. ricky started telling confused patient stories from his being a nurse which were hilarious and austin was being austin and jesse was goofing on austin being austin. once we got to wendover, we got some rooms and headed down to the casino. thats where i lost all my money. its ok. its pretty much the best 40+ dollars i've wasted. i hope people buy the animal encounter shirts i made.that should make up for it. i put a link of the images in my bands etc section to your left there. check tham out. if you like what you see let me know and i'll be happy to make you a shirt. before we actually started playing cards, we got some food. people of earth, i had a monte crist. i'mpretty sure the quality of the ingredients were of the lowest sort, but damn, that was a tasty sandwich. i'm gonna add it to my favorite sandwiches list. its easily in the top 10. after my blackjack debacle me and rick and maggot hit some of the slots. i played the penny slots. it wasn't so bad. i felt like it was a cheap video game that i was convinced i'd never get my money back from. oh well. time to get to the motel room where i know austin and charley are duking it out over the bosconian game they brought.

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Grabloid said...

dude, your diet is so bad it makes ME sick. you're going to die at the age of 40...shit, that means you only got 10 years son! haha!