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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i'll ask brother pig

so tonight at the dada cinema we watched the flowers of st.francis. pretty damn good film. i can't recount how many times i've gone back and forth over the idea of living a monkish life. i'm not a monk and my religion doesn't require i forsake all i have (with the exception of my serving an LDS mission) but so many times that type of life is so very appealing. especially since i could care less about making money. all i really need is a guitar and books and food. i'd be quite content wandering. and like jules whitfield and kane and yojimbo, and lorenzo lamas, i'd particiate in any adventure that came my way. as long as i had something tasty to eat at the end. like after my adventures in skipping british lit today, i ended it with a bacon cheeseburger at the cafeteria. it wasn't that bad. they're making their burgers a bit thicker lately and i like it. their bacon is still < though. at work i did the same ole because thats how we roll. but i did study for my math test for a bit. i worked on memorizing some of the stupid word problem formulas. after i felt confident i could remember what i was supposed to do i went back to goofing off at work. on my way out to the testing center (its situated on the big island in hawaii) i stopped off and got a nascar beef stick and a vanilla frappuchino. i was feeling a bit peckish and i figgered that combo would do the trick. it did. i took the test and i feel pretty confident about my efforts. as of now i have a 76.9 in my math class. everyone cross your fingers that i can pass this class. as soon as i was done i walked ak to main campus and watched the flowers of st.francis. when it was over torben gave me a ride hoe then me and maggot went to smiths and i got:
1 loaf of potato bread
1/2 gallon of green top milk
1 box of big bite mini wheats
1 freschetta frozen pepperoni
i'm gonna be making tons of turbens. just you wait. so now im leaing maggots and the turbens will begin


Grabloid said...

why must you insist on eating brother pig?

deadcityrebel said...

cuz he tastes good