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Sunday, March 9, 2008


woke up yesterday kinda late and didn't really have time to eat much of anything because i had to load the van up and get ready for the show in salt lake, and maggot had practice with the hotness at like 2 but she had to take a giant test. after me and rob and lex loaded up the van i had to run some errands and then wait for maggot. like as soon as we left for salt lake i got super hungry and i hate stopping once i get going, so we waited til we got to salt lake to get food. we stopped in at one of our fav salt lake places, greek souvlaki#1 on 300s and like 4oo west and i got the giro combo and some dolmathes and maggot got a giro and some baklava. i also made myself an arnold palmer with the tea and lemonade. wasnt the best i've made, but it sufficed. after we ate maggot went to practice. i keep forgetting i hate watching bands practice, even if i like the band. something to do with me wanting to say, oh man, you guys need to change this song up a bit, or get rid of it, or other things along those lines. can't help it. i always restrain myself because i know most of my songs blow and they're intrinsically filler and i have no room to talk about anyone else's creative expression. still, i hate going to other bands practices. afterwards we got tickets to the imax 3d deep sea monsters movie at the clarke planetarium. we had a couple of hours to kill so we wandered around the gateway. what a treat that always is. we stopped in at jcrew and i felt indigent. we stopped in at urban outfitters and i always get a kick out of the kids working there and the people shopping there. everyone checking everyone else out. so funny. its a sad type of anti-depressant induced vanity. though i did stare down one of the hipsters working there who had a dish rag tied around his neck who looked me up and down. yes, hipster, you may be wearing the latest, but i however do not voluntarily clone myself. to urban outfitter fashion. and other bullshit dictated by vice magazine. or whatever other sources there are for "hip" couture. retarded is the new hip. though i'm addicted to matchstick jeans as of late. can't really explain it. i guess jesse is right, i guess i'm updating my look. after spending a few seconds in black chandlier we waked back over to the planetarium and settled in for the movie. johnny depp, and kate winslett were narrating. i hate johnny depp. but i love octopi. and they showed a few. i decided i'm going to start drawing more octopi. i have a few that i've done that put the octopus in different situations where he isn't quite natural, to see how he negotiates unfamiliar territory. i may upload a few of the images. there were other animals including sharks and stuff, but nothing in the ocean is more interesting to me than the octopus. i kinda want one. after the movie we went over to no brow and got some pick me up before the show. then loaded in at red light books. where we sat around for like an hour. we ended up playing last because the first guy wasn't feeling good, and he took like an hour to set up. jareds band played and they were good and then we played and it was good. no one was there though, which sucked, but austin came up and that was cool. after the show we hung out a little bit then headed back. we couldn't decide what to eat because we had gotten hungry after our set and kept getting off track in our decision making conversation and before we knew it we were back in provo still hungry. so we went to smiths and got some frozen pizzas, went to my house and watched venture brothers.

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