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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

public defense

i'm getting lazier and lazier. i woke up early to get to class on time and i stopped to grab a naked juice and muffin on the way and then i kinda just ended up in a computer lab. i started doing some homework though if that makes it any better. it doesn't. because i'm pretty sure i missed a damn quiz. those quiz grades are gonna bite me in the near future. after i got tired of doing homework i went up to the office and started doing homework again. i find that if i take a break or two while doing homework i'm a bit more productive than when i try to do a marathon of math. i needed to send some flyers up to jared for the show saturday night so he could do some promoting. then i headed back up to the office for more drudgery. really, i don't know what i do there. i think i read the goner board about 30 times, then checked my facebook a few times , then craigslist, then back to the goner board, then myspace, then my bank account, then facebook and then i repeated that about 15 times. then i got hungry and heated up the leftover casserole thing i made last night. i put a little water in it and it tasted waay better. then i watched the police chase a guy in long beach on cnn. probably one of the greatest thing i've ever seen. dude was totally screwing with the cops. at least thats what it looked like. especially when he drove out on to the baseball diamond and was doing donuts around the cop car. it kinda felt like a real life dukes of hazard. no jumping though. and it was a white escalade. and they weren't in the south. so after that i did a few more math problems and then decided the office wasn't the place to do homework. so i went back to the computer lab in the la building. on the way i called to check my status for getting a public defender. score. so i called the guy. he rules. we chatted about my case for a bit and he told me some stories about other cases similar to mine and i hung up feeling great about my situation. i'm still gonna wear my new suit to court. so after about 20 minutes of wanting to punch the nice lcd screens uvsc has (because the math homework program we use sucks donkey balls) i decided to catch the bus home. on the way home i started getting hungry again so after my stop, center and univ ave in provo, i walked over to the gandalfos and grabbed a reuben. the dude who owns it recognized me and whipped it up fast and i was on my way. after a quick walk home with a warm reuben in my hoodie pocket i settled in for the battle royale. that sandwich is huge. when i make them i usually go easy on the meat, but gandalfos piles it on. i think i popped another rib with this one. when i finished eating i started taking up some of the gear that was till downstairs after the show saturday. the maggot and rob and charley showed up and we had practice. we made a set for the show saturday and started working on a new one. maggot doesn't like the new one so i may have to tweak it to get her to play it. after practice me and maggot went to her house with the intention of doing homework. didn't happen. charley gave me a cd full of photos that jesse had taken like over a year ago of red rockets and sons of the guillotine shows. plus a video of the red rockets covering down in flames at the halloween hardcore show in 2006. man that was so funny to see. i should have ended that band before it started. oh well. chalk it up to something. after i loaded the photos and video up on faceook, i grabbed a ginger ale and laid into the salt and pepper chips i got the other night. as of right now my belly is full and i'm gonna sleep good tonight.

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