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Friday, March 21, 2008

i'm getting lazier by the second

i almost didn't make a post for yesterday. but i am. and i'm fighting all my procrastinative instincts to write this post. so its gonna be short. because nothing happened yesterday. i can't remember yesterday morning so i'll skip to afternoon. i was at work. then i went home. i ate about a half bag of tortilla chips and medium salsa. they were leftover form the show the other night. when i came home my appetite was whetted by robs smoker. its getting to be that time of year again where we can cook outside. i had to see what rob was cooking so i looked in the smoker. there was nothing but a perfectly stacked trapezoidal formation of charcoal. if my life depended on it i don't think i would have the patience to do what rob did with those charcoal. he was going to cook some chicken he had been marinating. after a while i checked again and the chicken was almost done, and so i walked in robs. lex and blythe and rob were all there getting rady to eat. they asked me if i wanted some. duh. of course i did. and will. blythe made some cakes made of brown rice, pecans and goat cheese. very delicious. the chicken was great. rob marinated it in lime and soy sauce and worchestershire and liquid smoke. i'll not publicly harass rob for his deliberate and disregardant use of liquid smoke at this time. we decided it was nice enough to eat outside so lex took a table and some chairs outside in our parking lot and we ate outside. good times for all. i gave everyone a mexican coke as my contribution. after we cut up outside for a while i went over to keriannes for a "luau". i saw a few people, talked to a few people, waited for alicia, then left. i'm not a provo social gathering-er. i usually only know one or two people at the gatherings and really could care less about everyone else. after that i went to maggots for a second because i had to take back some movies, and i grabbed my corned beef and turkey, because i've kinda been fiending for one lately. and i don't like hanging out with her folks who are still in town. they make me all self conscious. so i took my stuff to my house. rob and blythe and lex were hanging out when i walked in watching what they thought was the season finale of the apprentice. it wasn't, so we all watched king of kong: a fistfull of quarters. it was a hit. it pissed everyone off within like 10 minutes. haha. billy mitchell can woof on a wang. and so can his lackeys. after the film, me and lex started playing cards. tons of fun. then i went to bed.

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