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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

sewer rat may taste like punkin pie, but i would never know

thats one of my favorite lines from pulp fiction. me and maggot watched pulp fiction and ate chips and salsa and drank mexican coke. earlier though, we went to las tarascas and i got a quesadilla with steak. it was ok. they need to learn how to season their steak. i had to salt it up and put some of their green salsa on it. before we went to las tarascas me and maggot attacked my house because i thought this kid was going to come look at it because lex is moving out. when i say attack, i mean clean. it was pretty disgusting. i'm usually never there so i don't pay much attention. but geez. it was pretty gross. while we cleaned i ate the remainders of my este pepperoni pizza. i think i'm gonna start spending more time at my house and like cleaning more because dave and lex don't. maggot came and got me from work, because work was dead as usual and i wasn't missed.
we pretty much were sitting around making jokes and throwing rubber band balls around the office and getting on each others nerves. i drew out a plan for alex caldieros luchadora mask. i haven't told him about my plan to make a band with him called master goomba and the dreaded gombu. so far its going to be a cover band. here are some of the songs i'd like to cover:
run through the jungle
the tequila song
constipation blues

i think that would be a good start and if i can get alex involved i'm sure it would devolve into some crazy orgy of noise and destruction. which is fine.

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