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Sunday, March 9, 2008

i feel like i just did this

oh wait. i did. so for some reason i wasn't hungry when i woke up at noon. probably because i ate an entire frozen pizza. it was a red baron classic crust pepperoni. i can't remember if i've gone over my criteria for pizza. here it goes:
thick crust pizzas: suck
fake deep dish: suck
red baron classic crust: pretty good
most any thin crust pizza: not too bad
smokehouse bbq+pizza: hit and miss
este pizza in SLC (RIP): badass
the pizza that maggot threw out of the van in new york while we were on on tour in a fit of rage(RIP): pretty damn good
costco pizza: meh
papajohns: so so (better when it cools off)
little caesars: i can't bash it. it saved me a few times
dominoes: hit or miss
pizza hut: i'd rather eat at arby's
that place we ate in chicago the morning after the 2006 blackout: a-friggin-mazing.
red baron deep dish singles: pretty good little filler
nicolitalia provo: pretty damn good (if you can take enormous amounts of garlic)
so i got ready went to church went to maggots and got super hungry. maggot had no food at her house but goat cheese and i was wanting a sandwich. so we went to the store and i grabbed a half LB of hickory smoked peppered turkey and a 1/4 LB of provolone for a turkey melt, and another red baron classic crust for later (which i'm about to pre-heat the over for). after i made the turkey melt me and maggot watched the beginning of darjeeling LTD and ate, then we watched more venture brothers. i'm really addicted to that show. venture bros misquote of the day:
hank: "dean i know you're sad about dad being gone and all, but you're no wartime consigliere"
the venture watching went on for a few hours then maggot wanted something to drink so we made our way over to the 7-11. i talked maggot into pulling me on my skateboard most of the way there. regardless of what she says, its hard work staying balanced on crappy unmaintained provo sidewalks when someone is pulling you on a skateboard. when we got to the sev i wandered around on my skateboard in the store til i decided to also get a drink. i got limeade. and drank it on the way back. and i skated back unaided by maggot. then i proceeded to waste a couple of hours online. if you'll notice in my links section, i posted the bradx bible cooking show. watch it. bradx was in last sons of krypton, one of the greatest bands in the last 15 years. for some reason he got saved and has now decided to tell people about jesus while he makes breakfast.
k. pizza is in the oven.
i'm listening to this soul comp DJ bazooka joe put up on divshare and i love it. i'm so completely ignorant to so much R+B and soul stuff. i'm glad people like BJ are out there digging this stuff up and sharing it with people. the RIAA can suck my balls. most of this stuff gets forgotten by all but a handful of people in the world (by handful i mean thousands out of billions) and without them, the average person will never know it existed. for my part, i've just started looking for more groups and labels i can get into. i seem to like alot of the southern stuff, go figure, but it sounds alot more funky and gritty. its sad that now to play this kinda music is kitschy and people don't take it seriously. i see soul music as one of the more important cultural transitions in black culture. without soul american music would be pretty boring, but more importantly it was a venue for the black voice in popular culture that could not be ignored. just as hip hop cannot be ignored. and just like funk could not be ignored. anyway, give those songs a listen. they're all pretty badass. pizza's almost ready.


Bret said...

Venture Bros is easily my favorite cartoon. I haven't seen any of the new season, but I watch the first two season's boxsets every chance I get.

Does it seem like no one else watches that show? Fucking... lame.

deadcityrebel said...

yeah i know about 5 people who watch it. i don't get it. like my friend gave me the first season after he bought it and said he didn't watch it very much. like i watch the entire first season about once a month.

Grabloid said...

that show blows! i can't believe you like that awful shit.

deadcityrebel said...

once again, you're showing complete ignorance to a very productive cultural phenomenon

Windy said...

I am desperately searching for that photo of you post-Chicago pizza. I think it should be your blog photo, but then I am biased...

deadcityrebel said...

no way. the one i have is beyond perfect

Grabloid said...

hahaha...i've never actually seen that show...i just knew you'd freak out, that's why i said it