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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

this is what happens when i skip a day.

i don't post til like 4:30 the next day and i forget everything. i think for breakfast i had my regular muffin and nakee juice then math then i went to work for a bit and sat around for a while. then grabbo and i got lunch. ok, its all coming back to me now. so i go upstairs to the valley view cafeteria. i see they have a spaghetti thing. and i think, yo, i'm not that hungry so i'll get that. so the goofball kid behind the counter gets like no spaghetti in the tongs and puts it on the bowl and starts to put sauce on it, and i say, woah, hey, thats it? and he looked at me like he was confused and i said, thats all you're going to give me for like $3.50? he was like, yeah, thats one portion, and i say thats bullshit, and thats a ripoff. and he looked even more confused than before so i went downstairs to the crappy mexican place and i got a giant enchilada with a giant scoop of beans and rice with lots of sauce and lots of cheese for like 5 bucks. i really hate uvsc dining services. i wouldn't mind paying $3.50 for a bowl of pasghetti that was made from quality ingredients but the pasta was dried out and the sauce came from a damn can. AND ITS CAFETERIA FOOD. good hell. it bothers me most that dining services is trying to turn a profit off students, most of whom, at uvsc anyway, are broke to begin with. its a commuter school for heavens sake. most people are married and have kids. most people are "non-traditional" students. most people don't have their parents paying for everything. the hell you guys. stop jacking us. this was the conversation grabbo and i had this conversation over lunch. after lunch i pretty much just went home and sat around till practice (we hadn't practiced since before rob left and i was having visions of a horribly botched set), and practice went cool then i hung out with maggot for a sec (her folks is in town) then took a little nap. i decided i needed to get some food for the bands so i walked to smiths since i couldn't drive. and i couldn't have gotten the van out if i had tried because the assholes working on the stucco monster next door had a giant truck blocking off our entire parking lot. thanks guys. so i got:
2 red baron classic crust pepperoni pizzas
1 red baron classic crust 4 cheese pizza
1 bag of white corn tortilla chips
1 jar of pace picante medium salsa
after i got back i kicked it for a bit more then got the place set up for the show and people started showing up. it was pretty uneventful, til the bands showed up. then things got rolling and the show went on without a hitch. with the exception of me burning all the pizzas. only one was inedible though. shame, it was one of the pepperonis. so both the touring bands ruled, jareds band, the kidneys ruled, and we ruled too. i do, however need to invest in a guitar tuner. and i broke the input jack on the mosrite again. thats gonna bug me forever. i need to get a replacement and leave the battle scars as they are and stop trying to keep fixing it. oh well. after the show i had a slice of the edible pizza and hung out with the bands (unnatural helpers and the fallouts) then went to bed.

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