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Saturday, March 29, 2008

the problem with chinese

its hit and miss. like i went to uvsc's chinese food place and sometimes i dig it and sometimes i don't. like every now and again he orange chicken is great, but most of the time its like all hard. i think if i go earlier in the day its better. yesterday i had orange chicken and sweet/sour pork. with the fried rice. i had mountain dew. i hate uvsc for not selling coke products. although cherry pepsi ain't too bad. so i went to work and did my work thing then went home and me and maggot jammed for a while and worked on some stuff. maggot was on drums. afterwards we went by maggots house and parked her car and went to cades studio to check it out. he had been working on the drums to try and get the sound on the big star #1 record. me and maggot played around on some of his stuff and he recorded it and we played it back and it sounded great. i don't know if we're going to record it at my house or his studio. i kinda think rob will freak out on someone elses drums. plus the room at my house has a bigger sound. i think i just made my mind up. after we messed around at cades we walked to the crest (cades studio is like a block or so from maggots place) and i got a coke and a cheese danish. on our walk back to maggots we found an abandoned little caesars 5 buck pizza and a bag of bread sticks. maggot tried to convince me that the bag of breadsticks were ok to take, but i noticed little animal bites in the pizza. there's no way i'm risking getting some funky ass disease from a bag of abandoned breadsticks. besides, i had leftover jambalaya to finish off. little caesars ain't got nothin on my jambalaya. once again, i was faced with the dilemma of having 2 bowls. i resisted because i knew i had a cheese danish waiting. i probably shouldn't have eaten that, but i did and i was fine with the consequences. we decided to go see a movie since i hadn't seen one in a while. we were going to go see the eye at the cheap theater but tere was a lame crowd waiing in line and i didn't want to wait with them, so we opted for a worse movie at the mall. 10,000 bc is one giant cliche. thats pretty much all i have to say about it.

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