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Sunday, March 30, 2008

baby back to the future

so yesterday i woke up and for some reason i wanted to be really constructive and get alot of things done. iwrote some lyrics that i don't hate and i played guitar and me and dave and lex walked to the pawn shop and bill harris music, finding nothing. i needed new strings and i have to get a new pickguard for my mosrite. after we got back i was playing around with the ultra bassman maggot has and me and dave realized the tubes suck on it. maggot finally woke up and came over and we went to van wagenens looking for tubes and strings. since only sells behringer crap we went to best in music, which inexplicably is the worst. on our way back frm that fruitless fiasco we stopped at diegos and i got 2 shredded beef tacos and a medio litro coke. delicious. diegos is super good. i probably have mentioned this before. after diegos we went to smiths where i got stuff to make ribs. it was a nice day and i had some extra cash so i figured what the hell. i made a rub and got the smoker going, breaking my usual rule of not using lighter fluid. i can taste lighter fluid but most everyone else can't, and the wind wasn't really helping keeping the fire going without it. me and maggot played cards for a while and then we put on back to the future. easily christopher lloyds greatest role. i made some bbq beans and we got some potato salad to go along with the beans, and we kinda dicked around for a few hours waiting for the ribs to finish and when they were finally done rob came over and we all had some. i had 2 racks to go around so everyone got heir fill. i thought they were too salty, but everyone else seemed to like them. i need to make them again and do it right. while we were eating we put the 2nd back to the future in and watched it. definitely not as good as the first or third.

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