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Monday, March 10, 2008


so i woke up late, no thanks to william willett, and i roped maggot into taking me to school by bribing her with Einsteins bagels, but we took too long at Einsteins so i missed math. i've really sucked about going to math lately. i went to the computer lab and fooled around then went to the cafeteria and got a salad. yup. i put lettuce and spinach and hard boiled egg, and chicken chunks and kidney beans, and cheese and ranch dressing. missing math all came back to me as i walked down the hall after the dada class and i ran into my little phillipina math teacher and she had to give me crap about missing class but i redirected the conversation towards something i had been reading about. longanisa. its a phillipino sausage thats supposed to be sweet. she told me where to find it and how to cook it, then told me she was going to make me cook it at her house when i learned how. i'm kinda scared of her. after that i went to work. errin was in a meeting the whole time so i was pretty bored. maggot came to pick me up and we went to las tarascas. i got the carne asada burrito and it was pretty damn good. i ate too much which sucked because me and maggot were supposed to go play tennis. yup. tennis. we actually ended up playing a few hours later after letting the food digest. we both sucked. after we played tennis we sat around for a while then went to smiths and i found some rad mexican confection that i knew jesse would dig on. when we got back to maggots i decided to experiment. i made a turkey reuben. i don't usually condone this type of thing but it turned out so very good. i usually don't put mayo on my reuben but i kinda mixed the turkey melt with the reuben so necessity dictated i put mayo on it. it turned out great. maggot got upset because i wasn't talking to her when i was eating it. i really couldn't talk because it was that good. we then watched more venture brothers. i was going to try to eat some dessert, but i'm too full. i'll do that in the morning.

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